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Full Version: Information on Portland 2072
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Ok, because there is no Dawn of the Artifacts 4, I'm writing my own, and am sending the team to Portland because that's where we all live. I'm hoping to make use of some of the critters from Running Wild, so I'm looking to have their contact hiding out in Forest Park. I am wondering is there's any details on Forest Park given anywhere, I remember a brief mention of it being the biggest Awakened greenspace inside a city, but I don't recall where that came from.

I'm also looking for any help on Portland info in General.
Help me Dumpshock, you're my only help.
Nothing about it in the old Tir Tairngire book, or Shadows of North America.
Really? grrr. . . that's sorta frustrating.
To clarify, when he says "nothing about it," the "it" in question is just the park, not Portland in general. Portland's got a whole chapter (p. 109-124) in the old Tir Tairngire book, and is mentioned for about a page in Shadows of North America in the TT chapter.
QUOTE (ggodo @ Aug 16 2011, 07:07 AM) *
Ok, because there is no Dawn of the Artifacts 4

I'm pretty sure there will be one.
Yeah, but that won't be till spring, and by then my party will be months into another story arc, and the adventure will assume that it's the day after DOTA3 ended. I loved 2&3, in hopes of some metaplot potential, but they're coming out too slow.
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