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Full Version: Submersion at Char Gen?
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I had always thought (and been told, IIRC) that you couldnt take Submersion grades as a Technomancer at chargen.

Yet I cant seem to find the rules that speak to that.

Does anyone know where they might be offhand?
You can do it in karmagen, but not BP. Or prioritygen.
RC lists the individual steps you do during karmagen, and submerging/initiating/joining groups don't appear there.
i have to side with both the above replys.

going by the step by step, i would say you can not. But if you are using the Karma creation rules, then (ONLY) with game master approval would i think it would be possible. and if i was the GM i would say you would do it at full Karma costs unless you buy a magical group with your contacts. (or whatever technomancers do,.. it's all the same thing.)

thats just my 2 NuCen
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