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Full Version: Shadowrunn Novels & Out of Print Sourcebooks
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I`m looking for Shadowrun Novels and out of print or in print sourcebooks and campaigns. Does anybody know where i can buy them or does anyone here selling? Really intrested in buying.

Thankx in advance

Here is the list of books I`m looking for.:


7112 (Paranormal Animals of Europe.) - 7121 (Threats) - 7122 (Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets) - 7124 (Cyberpirates!) - 7125 (Corporate Download) - 7210 (Tir Tairngire) - 7214 (Target:UCAS) - 7215 (Target:Smuggler Havens) - 7904 (Virtual Realities 2.0) - 7320 (Harlequin's Back)


10650 (Year of the Comet) - 10652 (Threats 2) - 10655 (Shadows of North America) - 10666 (Dragons of the Sixth World)


Never Deal With A Dragon (Secrets of Power Volume I) - Choose Your Enemies Carefully (Secrets of Power Volume II) - Find Your Own Truth (Secrets of Power Volume III) - Nosferatu - Who Hunts the Hunter? - House of the Sun - Worlds Without End - Stranger Souls <Book One of the Dragonheart Trilogy> - Clockwork Asylum <Book Two of the Dragonheart Trilogy> - Beyond the Pale <Book Three of the Dragonheart Trilogy> - The Forever Drug -

The Canterbury Tail
Where do you live, as I know a couple of places in the UK that could supply many of those.
Amazon will have a few of them, or e-bay, or even the Official Shadowrun Site.
I have (sell actually) a couple of those in the UK. I have a few FASA books but not those ones...
Thankx Chummers for the leads...i found most of them on Amazon.

See you Chummers in the Shadows.
P.S.: I live in Montreal Canada.
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