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Full Version: CAS info?
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I am starting a campaign soon, and want to get more info on CAS (Confederate American States). does anyone know where i can find more information, links would be great, and discussions are welcome. I don't plan on my game being 100% cannon as i prefer to run things home brew.. but i love the SR setting and i don't want to detour too much.

Things i am interested in, but am not limited to:

Gangs and their Territory
Mega Corps and their Territory
Any decent Maps (especially of the Tennessee area, where my game will be set)

Thanks in advance, i know you chummers will deliver.
Target: UCAS has some info on Georgia, I want to say.

You might also want to look into Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America and Target: Smuggler Havens, which has New Orleans.

This is off of memory, of course, so I might be wrong or missing books.
Runner Smurf
Shadows of North America has a fair amount of stuff - outdated, to be sure, but still useful. In combinatin with the Sixth World Alamanac, you'll be pretty well off. As ravensmuse said, the Neo-Anarchist's guide to North America has some stuff, including sections on Atlanta and New Orleans. Target: Smuggler's Havens covers New Orleans. Also out of date, especially NAGtNA. Target:UCAS doesn't really have much on CAS that I can find in a quick skim through.
Thanks again,.. i'll take some time to search for those when i get a chance.
Spy Games has a couple pages on Austin, not Tennessee, but still in CAS.
Not a whole lot in Austin that'll help with a more general CAS game, though. The Spy Games material is pretty focused on espionage stuff, and Austin in particular is a pretty unique city, given the border location, split city, hostile military powers on either side, etc, etc. Even the criminal/gang groups in Austin are pretty solidly focused on the Azzie situation (Sons of the Alamo, that sort of thing).
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