I've incorporated a bunch of feedback from folks here and compiled them into my Revised Ranged Combat Rules writeup, which you can find as a pdf here. Pages and doc formats can be found on my website linked in the signature.

For those of you that saw my previous posting, the changes include:
- The attacker hits on 0 net hits.
- Reworked the called shot rules to be a bit simpler and get rid of head shots.
- Trolls no longer count as large targets.
- Added a section on dodging.
- Added a bit on defending against grenades. Walking is no longer the most effective defense against thrown grenades.

For those of you that didn't see the previous posting, the basic idea is to rework the ranged combat rules to provide a bit more realism when it comes to long-range shots, and to provide a more flexible core mechanic. Basically, the difficulty of a shot is reflected in a shot threshold that (essentially) reduces the total number of net hits the attacker gets. The scatter rules are also heavily revised to be both a bit more realistic, and less stupid.

Thanks for the previous feedback - even when I ultimately ignored some suggestions, they did force me to do a lot of pondering. Feel free to post any feedback, and let me know how the rules work out in your game, should you use them. My players are going to be guinea pigs for me this very evening.