My group is starting up a new shadowrun campaign soon, and I thought I'd dust off my Excel skills and remake my character sheet. I have a version I'm happy enough to show other people now so I thought I'd release it for download for anyone to use who doesn't like the default character sheet. Below is the link for download:

TheOOB Shadowrun 4e Character Sheet v2.0.0

This is a remake of my previous sheet(v1.3.2, also available at the above link), that I think condenses the information better and lays things out in a more orderly fashion. The sheet is designed so you print out just the sheets you need for you're character, which should make most characters have between 3 and 5 pages. I am planning on making more different pages(for different character archtypes, as well as different versions of existing pages). I appreciate any feedback whether its to suggest new pages or changes to existing ones, or simply to point out a typo.

A note, this sheet was made in MS Office 2007, and is native to the .xlsx format. I included .xls for compatibility sake, but previous versions have been wonky with some other programs(notable Open Office). I included a pdf for those who don't want to mess with it, but I personally think the sheet looks best in Excell.