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Full Version: Hackers/Technomancer's trapped in system - Is it possible?
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Here is the scenario:

"There is a High Security Corporate node that i have been asked to hack into in order to retrieve some pay data. I probe the target and create a back door so I am in the system. Whilst I am trolling the system looking for the pay dirt the facility goes into lock down and the system is cut off from the greater matrix; like a hardware dead switch. Does a Hacker or Technomancer just suddenly end up back in there home node or am I trapped in that node until the lock down ends?"

I may be overlooking something but have looked through Unwired and SR4 to find no definitive answer. If anyone can help it would be most appreciated as I am planning a run for my team that may involve the rescue of a trapped Hacker/Technomancer.

eGhosts. Some autonomous DI's are thought to be trapped hackers from Crash 2.0. The same could effect a more recent cyberspace character. Also, if it's needed for the plot, anything *is* possible.
Actually, I'd rule it as causing dumpshock. Your persona is not connected to you by life force/essence. When it's cut off like that it's the same effect as crashing the node.

e-ghosts appear to be personas of people who physically died while online. Maybe.
As a GM I'd do what made the story best, and the most fun. The rules are there to enhance the fun, not strangle it.
RAW, no. Hackers and TMs are not 'in' the node, their Persona is present via Subscription (sustained 2-way data link). If a node (or their only link *to* the node) goes down, they're Dumped.

Somewhat related is the common function of IC to disabled Log Off, forcing the hacker to remain linked to the node. A hard counter to this is, again, disabling the link (either the connection or either end-node), causing everyone to be Dumped.

E-ghosts are a separate phenomenon, and poorly understood. If you want something like this to happen, that's your GM power. However, remember that dumpshock happens literally all the time, so it can't result in e-ghosts on even 1-in-1-million cases (or we'd notice). Also, e-ghosts can't get 'back into their bodies' (we're not positive they ever had them, even), so you'd want this to be something like 'trapped in the Matrix while simultaneously killed'.
Thanks for the assistance guys, its helped a lot. I think in this case I am going to use my GM power in order to forward the plot. Still debating on whether I'll go the eGhost route or the possibility of having powerful IC disable the Hackers log off, forcing the team to infiltrate and disable to node in order for him to be dumped. What do you think?
There are a couple ways you can contrive to make the second scenario work.

#1 is that the hacker is in Hot VR in a UV node, or he's just really hurt already; the object there is to make it a fact that he wouldn't survive dumpshock, so severing the link is not an option.

#2 is that they don't have physical access to the hacker. Maybe he was hacking alone from a remote location (possibly they don't know where), and has no one available to physically break the link for him.
Or maybe he was hit with some kind of crazy new IC. Super high tech, freaky stuff. Maybe from a TM with a weird stream?
It locks him in the node, which is technically impossible, and now the runners not only have to find their friend, but destroy this monstrous new IC/TM before it gets out into the world at large.
Oh, sure. If you bring Resonance (or yet, Dissonance) into this, almost anything is possible.
Minimax le Rouge
* If the node acces is cut, all distant users are kiked, and have a Duumpshock if any.
* You may close the official node acces, but keep another one, heavily hidden so the users can feel trapped, but they can still disconnect.

I suggest you adding:
* a Psychotropic Data Bomb : "Stay here, you are safe here, if you disconnect you will die..."
* An hidden IC with a "redecorate program" (i don't remember the name) to add more confusion.
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