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Full Version: Woot! First Real Thread!
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Of all my books, Rigger 3 is the one I understand the least. And my real-world knowledge of cars and vehicles is limited. So, I throw this out to the Dumpshock community at large.

In my last run, the team got a hold of two of Saeder-Krupp's latest BMW concept bikes, fresh from display at a motorcycle show. However, I have no idea what concept bikes are like in reality. So, with that in mind, could people here help me put together reasonable stats for such vehicles?

Price is no object-- these are concept bikes, after all, not manufactured models. However, the bikes should have no built-in weaponry, nor built-in firmpoints/hardpoints. I also don't want anything overtly military-grade about them, like SAS or ED/ECD systems. Other than that, pretty much anything goes.

Ok, have fun with this!
Crusher Bob
Ok, heres an idea. A 'terribly cute' scooter thats uses a combination of road sensor and smart materials to be the first 'truly all terrain vehicle' The bike can change to smoothly go up and down stairs, over rocky mountain trails and so on... Take the stats for the dodge scoot (or similar) make its handling 2/2 and let it smoothly cover any obstiacle up to about 50 degrees incline and 'bumps' of up to about 6 inches high. Neat thing to show at a bike show. But not much help when it comes to running up the bodycount.
What about suicidal drones? cyber.gif grinbig.gif
Thank you, but I need legal stats, by the book. I'd do it myself, but I barely understand the vehicle creation rules.
Crusher Bob
Erm, these are concept vehicles. They may do things that are beyond the vehicle creation rules... Are you asking for vehicle stats using the rigger 3 rules, or are you asking for what sort of cheese machines we can come up with within the rules?
Take the statistics of a normal bike, add some speed and acceleration, maybe lower the handling a bit and describe them as futuristic, cool looking design-bikes. Style is everything.
<Yeesh these new forums are disorienting>

Concept vehicals by their nature are WAY beyond what state of the art is. That's why they're called "concept cars". There are concept cars in shows now that have auto-drive functions like the autopilot in Shadowrun books. There's night vision windshields that are just NOW coming into very advanced luxery cars costing loads that have been in concept cars for about half a decade or so. They had concept cars set to roll out in 1995 back in 1985. These are cars that push the boundaries of technology. Use your imagination coming up with stats for them. If they're functioning of course...

My second point is that most concept cars aren't functioning. Some of them don't even have engines. These are cars meant solely to put in car shows in order to drum up advance advertising for a product line. Say you work for Ford. You go to a car show and brag about all this stuff your new cars will be able to do in ten years. So then all the car magazines take pictures of your prototype (aka concept car) and run articles about it. You need something for them to take pictures of, but it would cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to build a fully functional car, let alone one that actually works properly barring design problems and other bugs. And the last thing you want is Car and Driver writing about how your new concept car's automatic locks cause the headlights to short out. So you build just the body and throw in enough tech to highlight your new features -- the auto-nav, the GPS, the broadband satellite internet, whatever.

So those two bikes they "aquired" may not even work. But if they do, these are going to be machines that outperform anything out there. And also things that are kinda flaky when it comes to working correctly. Just use the stats in the book as guidelines, up all the performance as much as you feel like (or downgrade other things), then throw in a few design bugs that haven't been worked out yet just to add to the fun.

The Abstruse One
My advice...

Take the stats for the best bike (of it's type) in the book. Reduce the handling diff by one (not lower then 2's). Add some acceleration, add some top end. If appropriate add a bit of body.

Then throw in a nice communications package and an Autonav 4 system.

Keep it simple, but nice.
oh and stuff in some consealed locator beacons, no selfrespecting corp will make consept bikes without in sr (and perfect for those vegm.gif moments)
Don't forget to stick the Prototype and Custom Design markup "flaws" on the thing. Both seem ideal for a mostly working concept vehicle. Aside from that, I agree with whoever said that the main point of a concept vehicle is to showcase a new or advanced concept. It might be stylistic, handling related, techno toy related, or just about anything. But it should be something that isn't currently available in the open market.
Herald of Verjigorm
Make one with a datajack include a beta version of "Drag Race 2063" set to play as soon as someone jacks in. The person has to complete a level or get dumped by the buggy code before he can exit, remove the jack, and try the bike without VDB or Rigger bonuses.

Ok, let's try this, then.

I need numbers, and I don't understand R3 well enough to make sure I'm doing this right. I decided to try and see how fast I could get a bike to go, and I ended up with a Speed of 600 and an acceleration of 48. Add in a nitro injector, and we're discussing a speed just under Mach 1.5! (Which does fit a concept bike neatly, just because it can go that fast doesn't mean it's actually driveable at anything resembling that speed.)

So, could someone who understands R3 better than I check to see if that's actually possible?
Herald of Verjigorm
If you could list the info (chassis, engine, mods), we would be better able to spot if there is a problem.
Try this on for size:

"Introducing the brand new BMW b8 Concept Luxury High-Performance Superbike. It features BMW's latest all-titanium alloy V8 engine design, featuring VTD™ (Variable Turbocharged Drive) technology combined with a weight-reducing SmartMaterial™ chassis for some of the most incredible performance on the market. Safety is never an issue with CMC™ (Contingency Maneuver Control) and selectable GSC™ (Gyrobike Stabilization Control) looking out for you. Luxury is never in question with BMW with the state-of-the-art AutoNav system, the top-of-the-line Harmon-Kardon stereo system, built-in cellular video communication, and SureSignal™ technology, ensuring that you will always have a crystal clear reception, no matter how cluttered the airwaves! Other ammenities include BMW's AutoDrive™ system, Datajack compatilibility, and a theft prevention system. Estimated cost is roughly ¥200,000."

Now for the facts:

Handling: 2/5 Speed: 275 Accel: 17 Body: 2 Armor: 0 Sig: 3 Auto: 4 Sensor: 0 Cargo: 0 Load: 50

Seating: 1m Fuel: G (65 L) Econ: 6.4 km/L Chass: Racing Bike SI: 1 Avail: 10/10 days Cost: ¥ 205,960

Other Features: Turbocharging 1 (factored in), Smart Materials, Contingency Maneuver Controls 3, Datajack Port, AutoNav 4, Motorbike Gyro-Stabilization Gear, ECCM 1, Power Amplifier 1, Stereo System, Cellular Phone, Security System 9, Performance Tires

This is a semi-realistic portrayal of a concept luxury superbike. If the 2060s are anything like today, many concepts are nigh-ready for production (think PT Cruiser, Mini Cooper, Chevy SSR, etc.) and fully functional. Also, it's not the fastest I could make it - I believe that like any good automotive company, they will purposely leave room for improvement for the next years' models.

Let me know what you think!
Very cool! Keep 'em coming!
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