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Black Irish
I'm running 3rd-edition Shadowrun game using the first season Missions adventures from Catalyst's site and decided to spice things up a bit by interspersing a separate plot line based on the Carrion Crown adventure path for Pathfinder - a very gothic, vampires and werewolves, stop the evil cult from resurrecting the lich demigod kind of campaign ( has a summary of the campaign for anyone interested). In my translation, the runners are up against an evil cult gathering up cybermancy rituals and related MacGuffins in an attempt to resurrect a long dormant spirit of some kind that they'll try to anchor in modified human body.

I've not been too worried about following the campaign too exactly. Game's set in Seattle as the runners come together for the funeral of Dr. Peter Larrimer, a mage and surgeon who ran a charity hospital in the barrens and had done favors for each of them in the past. While doing runs to keep the hospital afloat (and arrange protection from the yakuza) the group recovers Larrimer's journals that mention Harrowstone, a private prison complex destroyed in a fire several years earlier.

Larrimer had been keeping an eye on the place, which was the site of clandestine, corporate research into cyber-zombie creation (using prisoners as test subjects) before the "accident" that left it a spirit-haunted ruin. He was killed by agents of the Whispering Way that visited the prison to extract a powerful free spirit trapped in a warded research area.

The group is approached by the Palatine Eye, an initiatory group Larrimer belonged to that opposes the Whispering Way.

For the second adventure in the AP, Trial of the Beast, I'm going with a simplified plotline: A local gang has turned in the body of the notorious "Beast of Leper Street," a barrens monster that has terrorized the locals for several months. The scarred carcass turns out to be a troll incarcerated at Harrowstone when it burned, but the body contains several more recent cyber-mods (in quantities verging on fatal).

The runners eventually will track down the beast's maker, a deranged cyber-surgeon who has been experimenting in hiding since Harrowstone's fall. He's on high alert when the runners arrive after recently being robbed by Whispering Way cultists seeking some magical doodads he spirited out of the prison.

For Broken Moon I'm thinking of moving in Native American Nation territory - have the runners infiltrate a corporate hunting lodge at a time when the local tribal councils (stand-ins for the werewolves) are at each other's throats over succession. I could work in some HMHVV-infected loup-garou or Wendigo to keep the werewolf vibe.

I'm looking for ideas on a MacGuffin for Broken Moon, though, as well as ideas for translating the later parts of the AP. I'm not sure where to place Wake of the Watcher, which has a strong Lovecraft/Shadows over Innsmouth vibe - maybe farther up the coast, or south in Tir Tairngire or California Free State?

The vampires of the Ordo Maximus, with their rumored knowledge of advanced cybermanchy, seem perfect for the next adventure, Ashes at Dawn, so I might sub in London for Caliphas. For Shadows of Gallowspire, I'm torn between placing the endgame in a buried temple complex or in a corporate skyscraper in Seattle or some other megaplex in place of the trap-laden tower of a long-dead lich.

Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Seems Interesting... let us know how it turns out... smile.gif
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