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Full Version: Shadowrun ed. 1- 3 books for sale
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Hey everyone. I'm moving and I need to lighten the amount of stuff I'm moving with so my Shadowrun books need to go. I've got a ton of SR1-3 rule books, modules,the Denver Box Set and others that I want to sell. Anyone familiar with FASA's printing methods knows some of these are going to be in bad shape as far as bindings go but most are in acceptable shape and a few are even in good shape. I'm in Vancouver so if someone wants to give these books a home let me know. I was thinking $2 a book or thereabouts but if you take the whole stack I could work something out. Thing is I don't have a car so you would need to come to me or arrange shipping or whatever.
What've you got? I mean, I'm interested, would very much be willing to pay for shipping, and am relatively close which should make shipping easier, though I guess the Tir is across a border. Tell us what books you have, that I might decide if they must be added to my collection. Do you have Paypal?
Here is what I have in no particular order, or rather the order they came out of the box.

Rule Books:
Shadowrun 1 Rule book - the Blue book
Street Samurai's Catalogue
The Grimoire:The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 14th Ed 2050
Virtual Realities
Rigger Black book
The Grimoire:The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 15th Ed 2053
Virtual Realities 2.0
Paranormal Animals of North America
Paranormal Animals of Europe
Field of Fire
Rigger 2
Corporate Security
Neo Anarchist's Guide to Real Life
Awakenings:New Magic in 2057
Shadowrun Rule book 2nd Edition - The black book

Mob War
Bug City
Seattle Sourcebook ( 2 copies)
Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
Sprawl Sites
Native American Nations Volume 1 & 2
London Sourcebook
Lone Star
Corporate Shadowfiles
Germany Sourcebook
California Free State
Tir Tairngire
Tir Na Nog
Denver Boxed Set with the maps and guide books

Divided Assets
Paradise Lost
Ivy and Chrome
Double Exposure
Harlequin's Back
Dragon Hunt
Queen Euphoria
Dream Chipper
Total Eclipse
Bottled Demon
Missing Blood
Silver Angel
Celtic Double Cross
A Killing Glare
Dark Angel
One Stage Before
Eye Witness
Super Tuesday
Missions (2 copies)

I'd really like to just get them all out at once rather than doing it piece by piece but I'm open to negotiation. smile.gif I also have paypal.
I need to fill in gaps, so... You gota PM, but I'm interested in the lots. Duplicate books are never a bad thing.

I should've paid more attention to this thread, I'm interested in the source books, I'll PM you in case Bull leaves any leftovers.
Daddy likes. Expect a PM soonish
MK Ultra
I am salivating, especially over VR1. Unfortunately, I am very much out of reach. However, if noone else wants to pick up that particular book (maybe along with a few others to fill a package), I would check the shipping conditions.
Bull has spoken for the whole lot for now and so long as we can sort out the shipping it's his. I'll keep this updated as things progress.
Damnit. Beaten to the punch by Bull.

There's some books there I'd have really liked to get my hands on.
QUOTE (Neurosis @ Nov 10 2011, 04:36 PM) *
Damnit. Beaten to the punch by Bull.

There's some books there I'd have really liked to get my hands on.

I have to second that
Sorry guys!

I made the mistake a couple of times over the years of purging my gaming collection of older material. Now that I'm working pretty heavily on SR stuff, I'm finding the gaps and holes in the collection to be... Annoying. And since I just got paid for Street Legends and some Missions work, I figured it might be a good idea to reinvest the money into filling in my collection some smile.gif

MK Ultra
If it leads to decently researched new writing (as I am sure is already done most diligently in your case), we will all profit from that wink.gif
QUOTE (MK Ultra @ Nov 11 2011, 08:43 AM) *
If it leads to decently researched new writing (as I am sure is already done most diligently in your case), we will all profit from that wink.gif

That is one of my goals. smile.gif I hate not double checking my facts with older books (and unfortunately there are still a couple dozen SR1/2/3 books that we don't have scanned into PDF... Though I gave a list to Amy at CGL over the weekend, and she's going to start hunting those down. So hopefully we'll remedy this soon, AND get even more older PDFs made available for the fans. Win/win!)

If there's anything you're still missing, we can always help out. I think I'm right in saying we have at least one of every SR book, although sometimes things are out on loan or whatever. If CGL is ever missing a book and needs to borrow a copy to scan, I'm sure we can work something out; we used to do the same for FASA and FanPro.
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