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Full Version: Sixth World Location: Yakutat, Athbaskan Council
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Facts at a Glance:

Geography:Yakutat is North and West of Juneau, and is located at is located at 5932′49″N 13943′38″W, at the mouth of Yakutat Bay. It lies in an isolated location in lowlands along what used to be the Gulf of Alaska, 212 miles (340 km) northwest of Juneau, along the mouth of Yakatut Bay between Monti Bay, Puget Cove and Shipyard Cove.

Although Geographically a large city its population is currently slightly less than 4,000-with a very large percentage of that being metahumans of all varieties. The recent influx of Saotome Aquadome (An Evo Subsidiary) money and by proxy EVO money means more and more outsiders are found inside the small city. The city is bordered on one side by the Pacific Ocean, and on the other three by steep mountainous terrain that is often inhospitable, and covered in several feet of snow and ice. The terrain is rugged and heavily forested with a wide variety of flora and fauna-both of the mundane and awakened nature.

Temperatures during the window of operations traditionally range from 30 to 40 F, with 5 to 20 inches of precipitation –some of that snow-more as you go deeper into the mountains. The temperatures fall at night, especially when winds are factored in.


Population: 3995 permanent residents with approximately 500 to 1500 transients, most of whom are corporate affiliated. Like many areas of the Athbaskan Council a small percentage of the population actually has a tribal affiliation, most of the rest are involved in the the areas various industries: fishing, mining, oil, etc...Because of this a significant percentage are metahumans, and from other nations.

Locations of Interest:

Yakutat International

There are three VSTOL capable Airports’, and a single traditional Air Port that while originally built in World War II has been maintained updated several times over the years, allowing it to handle most commercial grade traffic on its two runways. There also four heliports, and docking facilities a large variety of both small and large ships. The cities AR Network is being upgraded but can handle most of the standard needs of the team, and the public at large. The further from the city you get, however the worse the AR Network becomes.

Yakutat Port

The port is capable of handling a large number of universal class ships, frigates and tankers. A busy port-because of it's location and accessibility it is even active during the tumultuous winter months, where shipping is a dangerous business at bet. Yakutat is also home to a small Coast Guard Station, and an Athabaskan Naval Weather Research Facility. The Coast Guard rotates several Search and rescue Cutters, and a single Interdiction Cutter. The Naval Station doesn’t maintain a permanent presence of ships, but several of the Weathermen are Magically Active Shamans or Shamanic Adepts.

>A number of EVO cargo ships are operating in the area, as well as construction vessels which has prompted them to station an ELINT platform in the area (Operating unofficially), as well as two Interdiction Capable crafts. There are also several Ares ships operating in the area of Kodiak Island, and the Spaceport-but unless responding to distress calls they will not operate in the area normally. Because the weather is so unpredictably dangerous it’s unusual to operate aircraft for extended periods in this area. Even drone operation carries a lot of risk.

>Yakutat is also a stop along a number of smuggling routes-as such there is a small but organized Underworld in the city. The Vory ruthlessly controls the scene, but several other syndicates do maintain a limited presence in the city, or in Juneau.
>Steel Machine
Glacier Bear Lodge

Located at the outskirts of town, near the airport the GBL is popular with traveler's and tourist's alike. Majorly remodeled after a small plane crashed into the Lodge in 2038 it's a state of the art facility that seamlessly blends tribal sensibilities with modern conveniences. The Lodge is also immensely popular with the sport fisherman and hunting crowd. Relax by the fire and sip a cold libation while you plan your next hunt!

>This place has the look and feel of a real frontier Lodge-the bar has massive fireplace, and the furniture is made from rough hewn timber; the bar is a massive slab of gold flecked rock, and tribal art decorates the walls. But don't let the old west decor fool you this place has a state of the art AR set up, and a first class menu!
>Alien Traveller

>The Lodge is also very popular with the Athbaskan Naval and Coast Guard Types, and the assorted corporate types passing through the area. The rooms are nice too-spacious with private baths, and prompt, discreet room service.
Mallott's General Store

Need a replacement part for that hunting rifle that just froze up out on the wild lands? Need some snivel gear to survive the brutal cold? MRE's? Ammunition? Whatever it is Mallott's is the place. Also while you're here check out the Belgian style street fries that Mallott makes herself!

>Mallott herself used to be some sort of Tribal affiliated rigger-she keeps a tight lid on for whom. But she stiull has some connections, and if you're not a total idiot she might be able to help you out. But expect a significant mark up-this is a niche market, way out of town. Also she's pretty reluctant to parcel out heavy grade weaponry and explosives. They like it quiet around here.
Can we get a consistent spelling? Is it "Yakutat" or "Yakatut"?

Signed, the Spelling-Retentive Dreadlord.
Fixed. Thanks-for some reason my spell checker had some difficulties, and I didn't catch it.
Nice piece. Not too big, clear point to it smile.gif

I wonder though - did you already have any particular adventure in mind when you worked this up?
In fact I do. I'll be posting a more thorough version of this but basically the PC's will be contracted to infiltrate an aquacology that's under construction. The rough terrain and weather will be twice the opponent that the Evo subsidiary will be.
QUOTE (Paul @ Nov 17 2011, 02:04 AM) *
In fact I do. I'll be posting a more thorough version of this but basically the PC's will be contracted to infiltrate an aquacology that's under construction. The rough terrain and weather will be twice the opponent that the Evo subsidiary will be.

I've oft noted that when the environment is an opponent at all, it is the most fell adversary. Nothing like having an opponent that can't be affected by most of the abilities players have honed nor can be attacked or defeated, only survived.
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