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..reading Corporate Guide, I noticed a mention Corporate fashion in p. 35
" Designer clothes such as Berwick, Aston, and Zoe are acceptable...."
stats for others i can find but where can i find stats of Aston clothes?
Sorry it took so long. I checked all the most complete equipment tables I have for each of the four editions, and Corporate Shadowfiles and Corporate Download, and Shadowbeat, and Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life [where these named fashion lines got their start], and I don't see a single other reference to Aston anywhere. I don't remember one, either, but that's not necessarily a reliable indication of anything. smile.gif

Any other thoughts of anywhere it might help to look, let me know, and I'll check it out.
There's pricing in Attitude, p. 161 repeated on p. 174. I don't believe that are armored stats for it. I'd recommend just swapping out the tags on a different suit of similar cost.
Duh: didn't even think to look there. smile.gif Thanks!
Thank u for that info!!..
High Lifestyle comes w/ suits
Mortimer of London Business suits for free (B 0/ I 0 )
adding Greatcoat,FFBA and couple bits of PPP would do...
Death mask stacks with other armor, ..right?..
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