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Full Version: Russia in Shadowrun
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The Vanguard
Hi I need some official info on Russia in Shadowrun?,
A Clockwork Lime
There really isn't much information on it as far as I know.
A web page on Russia in Shadowrun

Hmm actually that's a really cool web page overall. Has maps for each region. Notice that Sibera is a country called Yakut and it a whacked magical territory, maybe something like australia... only cold. smile.gif
A Clockwork Lime
So much for my knowledge. biggrin.gif I forgot about that site. Thanks for the link.
There is a significant amount of information on both Russia and Yakut in the excellent Target: Smuggler Havens (Vladivostock section). It includes a lot of the 2000-2060 history and background on the current Russian situation. A little bit more appears in the Yamatetsu section of Corporate Download since that corp is now HQed in Vladivostock and has strong ties with the Russian establishment. These are the two main sources for the information on
Large Mike

There's a bit more on the Vory in the Underworld Sourcebook.
Vladivostok is also home to the Mosaic, formerly Beppu, data haven. Rigger 3 mentions that the Russian Naval Infantry often use armoured assault hovercraft like the CAS does. There are also a couple mentions in the Sifting Sands section of Target: Wastelands as well IIRC.

Sixth World is always a good place to start, although it doesn't cover some of the more recent books. Mind you, with Lester having gotten hitched it's not like you can really fault the guy. smile.gif
And though Russia will not be covered directly in the upcoming Shadows of Europe, the Euro Wars and their fallout will be detailed as well as any Russian underworld forces at work in Western Europe.
Jason Farlander
QUOTE (Synner)
Russia will not be covered directly in the upcoming Shadows of Europe

Wasn't there something in Target: Awakened Lands on Yakut and the situation there? I don't recall it being very large, and it might have been part of the Target: Smuggler Havens book...

I need to get my books unpacked...argh.
I don't think so. There was a brief bit in Target: Smugglers Havens, but I don't really recall anything from Target: Awakened Lands. Although I could well be wrong. :/
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