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In a nutshell, the Honduran government wants to create what amounts to internal start-ups—quasi-independent city-states that begin with a clean slate and are then overseen by outside experts. They will have their own government, write their own laws, manage their own currency and, eventually, hold their own elections.

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Bonus! Macau - laudering money for nervous Chinese tycoons - Article
Both very interesting. I'd love to see a write up on Macau 2073...
It was mentioned in passing in the hong kong book I believe. However, the Shadowrun Macau would be different from the one from the article. Reading it, it seems Macau got a big boost due to casinos, and more specifically Chinese gamblers, many of them to launder embezzled funds. With the collapse of china in SR, you basically would not have this clientele. I think it would more be a bit of a Somali -a port of call to thieves, pirates and other assorted brigands.
We need a sticky for real world articles like this, so they're all in one spot. Some of these are not only fun to read but useful.
Interesting idea. We will have to discuss that. I would be in favor.
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