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I have finished reading up on a lot of source books and the core rules for SR4. I have not played SR since the second edition (its been over 10 years) but am extremely anxious to begin a game. I would like a couple members to help me by starting a game with me or incorporating my character into a game. I may need a little help but I should get the hang of it real soon. If there is a book you would like me to read first, or perhaps I need to change my character just let me know. I am willing to do anything to get back into the shadows. Thanks in advance. I will post my character on this thread.
Name: Katsu Takeda
Archetype: Corporate Saboteur
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 162 Lbs.
Birthdate: 10/02/2039
Metatype: Human (Mundane)
Political Interests: Conservative


Body: 3
Agility: 4(6)
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 4
Logic: 5(6)
Willpower: 3

Edge: 2
Magic/Res: n/a
Initiative: 7
Essence: 2.95


Stealth: 4
Electronics: 4
Cracking: 3

Additional Skills:

Pistols (Semi-Automatics) 4
Forgery: 2
Demolitions: 3
Climbing (Assisted) 2
Perception: 4
Gymnastics: 3
Throwing Weapons (Lobbed) 1


Implant-Induced Immune Deficiency +10
Wanted +10
Low Pain Tolerance +10


Corporate Secretary L: 3 C: 3
Fixer: L:1 C:3


Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 3)
Image Link
Low-Light Vision
Eye Recording Unit
Vision Enhancement
Cyberears (Rating 3)
Audio Enhancement
Balance Augmenter
Skillwires (Rating 3)


Muscle Toner 2
Cerebral Booster 1
Mnemonic Enhancer 1

Savalette Guardian (Smartgun, Silencer)
Morrissey Elan
Clips x 6 (60 Rounds Reg. Ammo 10 rounds Stick n Shock ammo)
Defiance Protector
Taser Darts (30 Shots)
Flash-Bang x2
Smoke Gren. x2
Frag Gren.
High Ex. Gren.
5 Kg. Foam Explosives (Rating 6)
5 Kg. Commercial Explosives
10x Detonator Caps
4x Timer Detonator
4x Radio Detonator
Commlink: Fairlight Caliban 4(5)/5 (Response Upgrade 5)
OS: Novatech Navi
Sim Module
Voice Mask
Stealth (4)
Track (4)
Spoof (4)
Sniffer (4)
Medic (4)
Exploit (4)
Defuse (4)
Decrypt (4)
Black Hammer (4)
Biofeedback Filters (4)
Attack (4)
Armor (4)
Scan (4)
Reality Filter (4)
Encrypt (4)
Edit (4)
Browse (4)
Analyze (4)
2x Activesoft (3)
Databomb (3)
ECCM (3)
Fake License (4)
2x Autopicker (6)
Cellular Glove molder (3)
Keycard Copier (4)
Lockpick Set
Sequencer (4)
Wire Clippers
Climbing Gear
Gecko Tape Gloves
Rappeling Gloves
Respirator (6)
Grapple Gun
Catalyst Stick
Stealth Rope (300 m)
Glue Sprayer
10x Neuro-Stun Doses
Medkit (5)
Antidote Patch (6)
Trauma Patch
Latex Face Mask
Fake Sin (4)
Cologne Chemical Cosmetics
Scent-Masking Cigarette
Microwire (200 m)
1 Month High lifestyle


Katsu was born in the town of Kayoto, Japan to a typical corporate wage slave family. His father was a researcher for Renraku, and his mother a homemaker.
Katsu had an aptitude for computers and electronics even as a toddler, but his passion growing up was for sports and weapons. Supplies to create bombs
were never lacking due to his fathers access to chemical compounds from the lab. The frequent business flights overseas his parents took required Katsu to spend
a great deal of time on his uncles farm. Although Katsu didn't like the way Renraku treated his father, and the time they required him to be away,
Katsu relished every moment spent with his dear uncle, Akemi.
Much to his delight Katsu was encouraged by Akemi, an ex-military man, to show off a new explosive or practice shooting one of the many pistols he owned.
Eventually, Katsu attended Gaidai Nishi high school where he excelled in his studies, learned English and became a local celebrity for his talent in
gymnastics. He later attended Daido Institute of Technology, working as a "rent-a-cop" security guard for Mitsuhama Computer Technologies during school to get by. After Graduating with honors,
and having his foot in the door already, MCT offered Katsu a stable position in one of the local labs. Later he switched departments and was eventually promoted to supervisor
of the matrix security department. After the crash of 2064, he was transfered to the UCAS HQ of MCT to help with the GrideGuide system. He met a nice Japanese elf named Akira
and they were married shortly after his arrival in Seattle. His parents passed away, and he lost touch with Akemi, yet life was going pretty smoothly for Akira and himself. His resentment of being
used by a corporation, as his father had been, was pacified by a lucrative and stable career. It seemed to be the typical corporate life, stable and predictable until...


"Akira, wake up!" "Akira!"
"Wha- what is it, it's 4:30 am! Go back to bed honey."
"It's happening again, I need to go to the emergency room right away!"
"Oh, Ok *sigh* let's go... But this time you are going to stay for ALL
the tests, I mean it! X-Ray, MRI, everything!"
"Ok baby, I will"

{11 Hours later}

Shivering under the thin, stiff hospital sheet, Katsu tightly squeezes Akira's hand.
"Looks like you got to go back to bed after all" quips Akira, breaking the tense
silence. "Yea, I'm nervous about the test results, but at least we can find
out just what in the hell is wrong with me." A quick knock is followed at once
by the sound of a door opening and the appearance of a tall, lanky doctor, an elderly elf
with grey hair, glasses and sharply pointed ears. "So, what's the news doc?" Inquires Katsu
as he tightens his grip on his poor wifes bony hand. "Well, it appears your immune
system isn't working properly. After looking at the results of the scan, it seems as
though it has slown down considerably. It is working at about 33% the normal rate
for a man your age." How long ago did you begin to notice that you were getting ill
more frequently?" "Oh, I don't know, or eight months ago, sometime in the fall."
"Had there been any changes in your lifestyle before that time? Did anything happen physically that
would correspond to the time you noticed thechange?" "Well, now that you mention it, the corp I work for was offering bio and cyberware for next to nothing
to employees. I wanted to improve my vision and hearing so I agreed to be augmented this past Autumn,
"You know what, come to think of it,
I had to sign an unusual number of waivers before the procedure." Replied Katsu.
After a thoughtful pause, the doctor resumes "There has been a recent increase in
immune deficiency problems associated with cyberware implants over the past year or so, you wouldn't
happen to work for Mitsuhama would you...?" "Why?!" Snapped Katsu "Just as I suspected." Exclaimed
the doctor in a conspicously arrogant tone. "There isn't much I can do for you, except advise you
to avoid contact with any substances that could cause health problems and any sort of bacteria. I might
also suggest you be careful if you decide to get more implants..."
"Thanks doc, I guess." "Let me know if your condition worsens or you fall ill again." "Sure thing, bye."

{The following night}

"You know sweetie, i'm concerned. According to the doctor i'm not the only one who's been
having trouble. He also implied that Mitsuhama was producing the cyberware that has been
contributing to his patients having immune system problems. I'm thinking maybe it was experimental,
after all, I've never heard of getting implants practically free..."
"What can we do about it though baby?"
"I'm trying to figure that out...there isn't much that can be done for me,
but I would at least like to find out for sure if Mitsuhama is using
their employees as guinea pigs for cyberware implants, if so, I could warn the others and
hopefully put a stop to it."
"How do you plan on doing that?"
"I can't get access to the project files in the cyber/bioware deptartment, hell, I wouldn't even know
where to begin...but, I do know the supervisor of the cyberware develpment team, his name is Frederick
Gudsen. I will talk to him and hopefully be able to get some information. I will need you to hide somewhere
close by and record the conversation, so I will have evidence. There is no way he is going to spill any beans
unless he knows my augmentations are turned off and don't have any recording devices on me. I will arrange to
meet him next Wednesday for lunch at the park. You hide in the bushes and record while I get him to talk,
sound good?"
"Sounds clandestine, kinda dangerous too...But you are right, we need to find out exactly whats going on."

{The following Wednesday}

Positioning herself under a blooming gardenia bush, Akira takes a deep breath;
partly to calm her nerves and partly because the flowers smell so damn good!
She waits for the arrival of her husband and frederick at the
near-by picknic table.
The two gentlemen arrive, dressed in fashonable suites, toting their respective lunches.
Frederick is a tall human, clean shaven and good looking, probably in his mid 30's.
He has an akward gait, walking on the balls of his feet making him appear taller
and more nervous then he truly is.
They take their seats on the hard metal benches on either side of the table and she
begins to record...
"Thanks for treating me to lunch Katsu." Frederick says with a genuine smile.
"Don't mention it, we're pals after all. Did I tell you how sharp you look
in that new suit by the way?" Complements Katsu as he gingerly opens his soywich.
"Hmmm, so what's with the flattery? Let me guess you need to know about one
of the new projects?"
"Actually I don't think it is a "new" project or even one particular project. I was
wondering more about some of the testing methods being employed by---"
All of a sudden the unmistakable sound of silenced submachine gun rounds wiz by Katsu's head,
as he runs for cover, taking a bullet to the shoulder, he realized that Frederick is writhing
in a pool of blood.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Yells Katsu, as he hears the soul wrenching
screams of his wife abrubtly silenced. Anger, fear and sorrow pervade his being
as he realizes his one true love is gone. Running as fast as he can, Katsu
glances back through teary eyes as he sees what appears to be members of the Yakuza
several meters behind him. Luckily he is able to quickly navigate the forrest
surrounding the park he and his wife had frequented, and eventually lost his would-be
killers. He catches a cab and decides to lay low at a friends house, to collect himself....

{The Next Day}

After some reflection and discussion with his friend John, Katsu realizes he was in the middle of an assassination
attempt. Not for his life but for Fred's. He and his wife were in the wrong place at the
wrong time. It was fairly obvious that MCT was behind the hit, considering it was the
Yak's who were hired to carry it out, and that Fred had access to some pretty juicy intel
concerning some clandestine "business practices." Now, he figured, it was only a matter of time
before the Yak's got to him. What did Fred know? How did the Yak's know where he would be?
How am I going to make a living? How can I get revenge? Musing over these questions, Katsu
would find the answers to a couple of them real soon, but others remain a mystery....


Already laden with years of resentment toward the corporate world and now
desperately vengeful over the loss of his wife, Katsu vowed to terrorize, sabotage
and otherwise bring harm to the Mega Corporations whenever he got the chance. His friend John, happens
to be a fixer. He introduced Katsu to a different type of career-Shadowrunning. He could use his computer
savvy, athletic ability and the tactics he learned as a security guard to accomplish various jobs-
just so long as they don't benefit MCT. You've got to make a living somehow, and his wage slaving
days were over, he couldn't go back to MCT after all. Now he can disrupt corporate operations
while making money and hopefully discover exactly what's going on in Mitsuhama's cyberwar department...

The above character was built per core book rules.
400 BP
attributes: 190 bp
Skills: 192bp
Contacts: 10bp
Gear: 38 bp
Qualities (added an additional 30 bp)

Forgot to include Language/Knowledge skills:

Language Skills:
Japanese: N
English: 4
Japanese Corps(Mitsuhama Computer Technologies)4
Security Procedures(Megacorp)3
Corp. Politics:3
Corp. Security Tactics:5

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If you are looking to join a pbp game, I would suggest starting to post into the OOC threads and ask to join. The Cast of Shadows thread is generally where characters are posted for the pbp games, one post per character (edit as required).
First, welcome to dumpshock. I hope you enjoy your time here smile.gif


1. Don't give up. Getting into a game can be difficult early on. Players tend to group up and give preference to players they know. Spend some time getting to know other members. Look through the non-game threads and post some responses. Read some of the game threads and be on the look out for player who game like you do. Strike up a conversation with them (Be bold).
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