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Full Version: Wireless jackpoints...and you.
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Wow. Two years since my last login. Nuts.

Anyway, hello again all. Lost all most of my SR3 house rules, which means that I'm making new ones. At the moment I'm working on new cyberware. Did sort of an SR4 thing were I made suite of a whole bunch of really common head/senseware implants...slightly reduced Essence Cost and integrated connectivity but it all costs quite a bit more than buying all the stuff separately. Anyway, the suite contains a Radio [10], a Commlink [10], and a cellphone, which got me thinking about routing a cranial cyberdeck to the suite. Basically I was thinking of this suite having a possible application where audio/visual data could be fed to a CiC, either through wireless file transmission after the fact or (preferably) in real time. And also have similar data could be fed back to an operative/runner to enhance their situational awareness.

I looked through Matrix and both Cellular and Radio networks seem to have the bandwidth to support such an operation (video is 1 MP/min for example...not too strenuous) but they seem to require specialized hardware; although I might be able to get away with it using the Radio connection in Tortoise Mode, which could be displayed through an Image Link as a HUD...

I could be misreading the whole section though, and I don't have my errata for Matrix on hand either (and can't find it on the SR website anyway). Does any one have some thoughts or advice they could share? Especially considering I've been out of the system for a quarter of a decade...

You're just trying to send basic tactical data around the battlefield, to a cranial cyberdeck, right? Like audio/video from guncams?
What you may be looking for in SR3 is BattleTac.

The rules are spread mostly through Man and Machine, Cannon Companion, and Rigger 3.
Its a system for data sharing, that uses the Small Unit Tactics skill to grant bonuses to a team's initiative or combat pool.
It requires sensors wired into slave units that network to a master control unit. There are some drone add-ons that can link drones into the network as well through their RC deck. Suggested to be used in conjunction with a secure tactical comunications system.

One thing to look for:
Tactical Computer implant ( a cyber version of the BattleTac master unit Plus some extras).

If you want a non-cyber version, you need to extrapolate a bit using all 3 books as sources - the biggest difference I could find between cyber and non-cyber is the amount of time (actions) needed to use Small Unit Tactics skill with the master unit.
QUOTE (Lantzer @ Jan 12 2012, 03:41 PM) *
What you may be looking for in SR3 is BattleTac.

Yeah...I have all the corebooks and was initially looking at that rather deeply, and it could still fit in to what I have in mind.

Oh what the heck, I'll be blunt. Deus Ex series. Infolink + Datavault. So I came up with a suite that would emulate it's functionality (Commlink [10], Radio [10], Subvocal Microphone, Telephone, Recorder, Camera, Image Link, Opticam, Internal GPS, Orientation System, Spatial Recognizer, Headware Memory [300MP], and Data Compactor [4]; you can throw the eyeware and earware Essence into Cybereyes and Cyberears if they are the same grade). And threw it into SR3. I wanted to feed video and audio live to a remote location (like a large CiC center, or an off-site data haven).

So pro operators could get live updates from control, complete with handy maps and stored logs of conversations. Or as an adventure hook you could try and find who killed a data courier who had their cyber wrecked beyond retrieval but were "still recording" after they were geeked.

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