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Full Version: Food Fight 4.0 help?
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I started a session last night but there were only 2 players so I had to add the bounty hunter as an NPC half way through the game.

Im not sure if I got the health right though. - quick start rules.

The conditions monitors are the characters health yes?

And the hacker has 10 HPs before he is dying?

Im just unsure how well I interpreted it as when Stooby walked up to the hacker in one hit he was able to take 10HPs off. I realised I used I shouldnt have added the agility to the attackers rating and re-rolled, but the damage was still 7HP, leaving the hacker with only 3HP before he s dying.

Did I do that right?

I would be greatfull for any help.
Let me see if I can help.
Condition monitors are kind of like HP from some other RPGs. The hacker correctly has 10 (which is human average) on the physical track.

I'm not familiar with that particular adventure (or this situation with Stooby) but I'll go over a generic attack and damage situation.
Stood has agility 5 and Pistols 3. If he walks up to someone, pulls out his gun, and takes a shot at them he rolls 5+3=8 dice. You count up the number of hits (5s or 6s). On average, Stooby will get 2-3 hits. Normally, the person being shot at can defend themselves (as long as they are aware of the attack and not surprised or unconscious hacking something) so they would get to roll just their Reaction (don't add dodge or gymnastics unless they were on full defense). The hacker has 5 reaction, so assuming he isn't in VR, he stands a good chance of scoring 2 hits, himself. His hits subtract from the attacker's hits and any of the attacker's remaining hits are called the "net hits". If there are any net hits, then the attack landed, and damage is calculated. Stooby's Predator pistol has a base damage of 5P (5 on the physical track), and that number is increased by the number of net hits. To keep my example close to your own, let's say Stooby scored 2 hits, and the hacker either got unlucky and scored none (or was in VR at the time and was just being executed). Stooby's 2 net hits will raise the damage to 7P, however, before that damage is applied, the target makes a resistance check. For physical damage from a gun, this is a roll of their Body + Ballistic armor. For the hacker, this would be 4+6 = 10 dice, which would probably result in about 3 hits. That could reduce the damage even further (to only 4P), however, if the hacker got unlucky again and didn't resist any of the damage, then your statement about being within 3 boxes of dying would be correct.

WIth 7 physical damage, the hacker is also at a penalty of -2 dice to just about everything he tries to do except resistance tests (since he has just been shot and is in a lot of pain).
MK Ultra
sounds about right, did you roll Bod+Armor to reduce the damage?

Its Agi+Skill vs Ref (+Dodge in full defense) dice
net hits ad to base damage, then that is reduced by Bod+Armor hits.

I am fuzzy about how simplified the intro rules are though. SR4 can be quiet deadly - which I think is good! The hacker is not going to last long when engaged in direct combat in any case, and the fight can be a tough one for just 2 ppl with one being a hacker. what was the second pc?

EDIT: Blackhat said it all, and in much more detail wink.gif
Thanks for that. I thoguht i had it right but it seemed a little sudden to me, but I suppose this is harder than D&D so its to be expected.

Suprisingly the hacker approached the enemys whilst the combat mage ran around the sides of the map using stealth. The hacker than ran away and hacked a cleaning bot, which he used to spray hot wax in an enemys face face. The Combat Mage then shot the cleaning bot (which was right next to the enemy) which blew up, killing 2 enemys.

Quite an unusual adventure in my eyes.

Thanks for the help.
Yah, with low ammounts of armor on the characters, Shadowrun has always been a pretty deadly system to use . .
Also, if you're using pre-gen's, don't be surprised, they are . . not very good i am afraid <.<
I had a feeling that was the case. The hacker was an ork, but as I understand they have low logic which isnt good for a hacker. Any advice on good characters i could suggest to new players and how best to make them?
The way I characterize SR combat deadliness to those who are used to massive amounts of hit points, "You are not a brick anymore. You are an eggshell, wielding a hammer against other eggshells with hammers."

As for advice on characters, there are many, many, many character optimization threads around here; if you're looking for decent pregens to use, the updated Archetypes thread is a good place to start.
QUOTE (Morlonde @ Jan 14 2012, 04:39 PM) *
I had a feeling that was the case. The hacker was an ork, but as I understand they have low logic which isnt good for a hacker. Any advice on good characters i could suggest to new players and how best to make them?;hl=archetypes
look here, for starters
@Stahlseele: Okay, can I say that great minds think alike? grinbig.gif
But of course you can ^^
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