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Full Version: Milspec Action in an SR Game
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Ok, Iíve started a similar thread in the past and the following Events where what came out of those discussions: trying to give a military feel to a game without having to stat every foe or resource that the PCs have available to them. The key thing was to keep the PCs in the limelight and not have NPCs do all their work for them.

In Game Events
[ Spoiler ]

So, can anyone think of any more events like ďComm BlackoutĒ that donít just revolve around blowing shit up?

As Iíve had a player drop off recently I also want to expand this list to include the actions of the squad the PCs are with (as Iím currently down to two PCs). I still want the PCs to be the focus but with a couple of freebie leadership points Iíve bumped them to the key decision makers and they will be ordering their squad as they see fit. Iíll probably make these a separate pool of points from the Events as they are intended to be much smaller scale interventions. Thoughts on what I should include here would be very welcome! I still want it to be fairly loose and stat free so that they can decide the course of the battle without me throwing mountains of dice. If they have a finite number of times to rely on NPCs doing things for them, hopefully they will do most things themselves Ė but obviously there will be skill bases they just canít cover. Iím assuming that the squad will be firing at the enemy, this should represent special actionsÖ

Squad Actions (1 point)
  • Forward scout (either matrix/drone, physical or astral)
  • Sniper fire (to take out a sentry or similar isolated target)
  • Draw fire (distraction to draw enemy fire away)

Squad Actions (2 points)
  • Medical attention (team medic patches a PC with mundane / magical means)
  • ?

Squad Actions (3 points)
  • Fire team cross fire (concentrated fire to eliminate a foe)
  • Heavy weapon (anti-tank missile, assault cannon, whatever seems appropriate)
  • Trap (draw enemy forces into a trap, could be a crossfire, a mined area or similar)

As before, are there any non-combat actions in particular that would do well added to this list?


Think of the "A-Team" sure on the show they blew stuff up- lots of stuff- but the idea still holds, they were a military spec forces unit gong mercinary.

In the same vein find old re-runs of Hogan's Heros. yeah I know, I know but they had whoel episodes with adventres out of the camp doing things to annoy the enemy. You don't have to just blow things up, you can steal, hide, pretty much any SR run but just better organized.
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