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Full Version: CHiPs without Ponch
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So we'll be starting an altered Shadowrun setting where we will be a little bit more on the investigative/law enforcement side of the coin. Without knowing much about the specific changes to the setting myself (other than the absolute hatred and malice the GM has for microdrones and tiny cameras), I have decided to do a cybered "bike cop" ala CHiPs/Knight Rider rigger and a small handful of vehicle drones, with the main one being the motorcycle. The idea being that he could chase down the badguys, and leave the bike at full speed on the highway without the bike just falling over on the road. The GM has stated he had wanted to do lower BP, higher Karma rewards to see a noticeable improvement in character ability. The idea is to being that I can be the team's scout/interceptor/wheelman/secondary combatant. Not terribly optimzed, but I'm givign it a shot. A lot of the people in the group who don't optimize characters well get bent out of shape when there are huge combat monsters. (I know, I know)

I suppose the questions are:
Is there a way I can use Control Rig and Wired Reflexes to give a quick command to the bike and still have multiple passes. (i.e. 1st pass, command bike to do evasive driving on the highway and log out, 2nd pass leap onto badguy car, 3rd pass punchisize someone's face)

Are there some hybrid builds out there that I can take a look at to get an idea where to start? There are lots of individual skills that I want, but no real large Skill Groups, is that normal? I want to do a good mix of sam/rigger.

I'm going human, I think. Is there another good option? Priorities should be Agility/Reaction/Intuition?

Does it seem like no matter how you mitigate for crashing into something with a vehicle, you're screwed regardless?
First, if what you want is samurai/rigger, take a look at my sig and the Mercenary Rigger, who's a good example of a hybrid sam/rigger with a bit of hacking on the side. One major note is that you do NOT want to do hybrid sam/rigger with a Control Rig, you want to be using AR hacking (because you'll have multiple meat IPs due to being a street samurai). It's also much cheaper to be a good AR remote-control rigger than to be a good jumped-in rigger.

You really want to be an Ork. Hybrids are expensive, you don't need a 5 Logic or Charisma, orks save you points. That said, you can be a human and not cry yourself to sleep if you really want to be - but you should be doing it because you are a dirty racist, not because human is a good choice for this.

The crashing rules are fucktarded. Apparently crashing while going 45mph in a bus is going to turn everyone inside into a red mist (40P). On the other hand, crashing a racing bike while going 150 mph is totally survivable for an average human (12P).

Check out the Info Savant in my sig for a modified Dodge Guardian motorcycle you might find useful (that character is a Technomancer rigger, so just look at the drones and vehicles).
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