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Full Version: Question about the Area Program Option
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So the description of the Area Program Option says,

QUOTE ("UW: 116")
The program may engage a number of targets equal to the Area option rating.

So is this a typo? Should this have said rating +1? with the 1 being the initial target? Seems kinda stupid to have
a rating 1 work the same way as the attack program without the option, and you got to pay for it too.
2 Karma for a Techomancer or 750 for a hacker is the cost to get a rating 1 that would do nothing based on the current way it's written.
I'm sure this has to be a typo, or just something the author missed.
Maybe it's a speed bump, to reduce the power. smile.gif
Well you roll one dice pool against all selected targets and you get a -1 to the pool for each target beyond the first.
So it does have a albeit small, speed bump already built in.
It just seems strange the way it's written. That the first rating point is virtually meaningless, other than a necessity to get the second rating point.
I think they just forgot to add "additional"
QUOTE (NiL_FisK_Urd @ Jan 22 2012, 12:55 PM) *
I think they just forgot to add "additional"
Yeah this.

The program may engage an additional number of targets equal to the Area option rating.

sounds a lot better.
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