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I could swear that years ago there was an official writeup of Aleksander "The Terminator" Bilotkiy; Vory Tsar of seattle. I know I saw it cause there was a picture and every thing. Now I can't find it. Can someone tell me were it exists or if I'm insane?

Thanks for your help.
Seriously Mike
There's a column's worth of text on him in Vice, but no picture. I haven't checked other sources, though.
Hmm. I got that. i just bought Vice yesterday.

Perhaps I'm thinking of a different published character. I know I've seen something like a full page on a Vory guy. There was some controversy about his cyberware being tabulated incorrectly... Thanks for the help tho. smile.gif
Shadows of Asia, the 3rd ed fluff book, has that stuff. No character statistics, but enough stuff for me to go on when I ran an adventure featuring him during ShadowRussia.
This character's nickname alone makes me want to stat him.
Seriously Mike
Sasha the Terminator. Definitely a good name for a Russian mobster. Almost as good as Boris the Bullet-Dodger.
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