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Full Version: Credstick it to ya!
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So, I was browsing and came across this hidden knife. It got me to thinking, why isn't there a credstick version of this with a hidden stiletto? There should be, so I made one:

Credstick Stiletto -
Reach - Damage (Str/2 + 1)P -1AP 8F 300 nuyen.gif

But that also got me to thinking, how would you rule for dealing with wounds created by a stiletto?
Same as all other wounds, why?
I'd make it just (Str/2), compared to a regular combat knife this one's a bit lacking, because it's gotta be smaller and innocent-looking. It's value would be Surprise (which kills).
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jan 29 2012, 06:44 AM) *
Same as all other wounds, why?

Yeah, I realized that after the fact. I just know stilettos create very hard to heal wounds, but no harder to heal than say a serious burn, which all heals the same in SR.
Or a bullet hole.

Also, there are rules in Spy Games for making disguised objects. wink.gif
Just use a Credstick. It's like stabbing someone with a pen. Only they can pull it out and they have some blood money afterwards. devil.gif
It would be interesting if it was a spring loaded stiletto. Like this:

But concealed in a credstick.
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