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Full Version: Staging up power in ranged/melee attacks
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Hey, I was wondering if the power staging up rule is still in SR3? I know it was in Fields of Fire I think back in SR2, but I can not find it in SR3 or the cannon companion.

By this I mean that when someone got, say, 10 successes on a 7S weapon, it would stage up to deadly, and then increase power by +8 (2 for every 2 successes over) or was it +4 (1 for every extra 2 successes).

Anyways, I was just wondering if this rule is still in there or not, and what has it been replaced with? I think me (as well as my group, but esp. me) have been playing the SR2/SR3 hybrid (SR 2.5? KIDDING!!! wobble.gif ). Anyways, let me know! Thanks!

Also, what are the rules for using Edged Weapons Martial arts skills with Two Handed melee combat and are there any modifiers other than having the Off-Handed weapon skill and having only 1/2 of those dice apply?

Thanks everybody!!
I am NOT a rules expert, but I recall seeing that rule (called something like overkill damage) as an optional rule, +1 power for every 2 successes I believe, in the core rulebook.
With that many successes, the average guy would be chowder anyway.
LOL, yeah, well I was using that more as an example so people know what I was talking about?

Anyways, I couldn't find Overkill but there is Deadlier Over-Damage on p. 126, but it does extra damage boxes not increases the power for resisting. I think with the way SR3 is now that the extra successes should be enough to deter without having to increase the power as well, but if the rule is there I want to find it so I can go over it again.
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1) The increased power effect is for melee combat

2) Sword + 1/2 Off hand sword = dice rolled. or Sword + 1/2 sword if sufficiently ambidexterous.
Just an FYI, Ranged Combat is staged up AFTER resistance. So, there is not 'power' increase in Ranged Combat, only Melee. wink.gif

Staging for ranged attacks is determined AFTER the target rolls to dodge (optional) and to resist damage. If the dodge roll doesn't exceed the attackers successes, then all the successes of the dodge and damage resistance are compared to the attacker's successes. Whoever has more causes staging up/down by the net difference.

Staging for melee attacks is determined BEFORE the target rolls for damage resistance. If the staging still has additional successes after reaching Deadly, then every two additional successes raises the power of the attack by 1. A target can always take NO damage if he gets 8 successes on his damage resistance roll, but the more successes the attacker gets the harder it may be for the target to get those 8.
SR3.122 Resolving Melee Combat
Oh, and the rules you're looking for are on the bottom left side of page 123 under DETERMINING DAMAGE

Cool. Thanks everybody! I remember it was an optional rule in SR2 in FoF or SSC, don't remember which.

I'm sorry it took us 15 minutes to get 7 responses to you. We're usually faster. smile.gif
LOL. I know, I hit reload about 2 mins later and had several responses. So this is why the SR mailing list is pretty much dead. Cool, I think I like this better. (Am still getting used to it, been on traditional lists for going on 10 years, guess I'm an old fogey).
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