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Full Version: New Sensor/Eyeware: High Speed Camera
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A bit of homebrew, looking for feedback:

High Speed Camera: Most video cameras, including the digital cameras included in all but the cheapest commlinks, typically have a framerate of less than 100 frames per second and even professional video cameras are rarely capable of speeds of over a few hundred frames per second, being designed for more general use than true high speed photography, although quite capable of the more common half-speed "slow mo" popularized by instant replays. Even most cybereyes rarely have framerates over 45 frames per second, due to the speed of nerve impulses and the natural "refresh rate" of metahuman vision (although this is typically a software limitation that is adapted to higher speeds when an individual is implanted with cybernetics or bioware that grants additional initiative passes).

True high speed video cameras are specialty items, found either as dedicated units or as hardware/software upgrades to traditional video cameras, such as those found in drones, commlinks, cybereyes. They are popular with scientists, naturalists, sports analysts, martial arts instructors and soldiers.

High Speed Cameras (HSC) are rated from Rating 1 (500 frames per second) to Rating 6 (500,000,000 frames per second), with each increase in rating increasing the maximum framerate by one order of magnitude. Due to the area requirements of the light sensitive surfaces, high speed cybereyes are limited in rating and are not available as retinal modifications.

High speed cameras give a bonus equal to their rating to Perception tests to notice high speed events, although, due to the limits of the metahuman attention span, this is typically for after-the-fact analysis of recorded footage. Additionally, high speed cybereyes give a +1 to Perception checks when the character possesses additional initiative passes, as the higher framerate can "keep up" with them and grants higher fidelity. This bonus only applies when the heightened reflexes are active (although, in the case of Wired Reflexes, the trigger to activate the wires is typically also set to trigger the high speed cameras as well). Additionally, due to the required sensitivity of the photoreceptors, a high speed camera or cybereye effectively has low light vision when being used at "normal" (i.e. not heightened) speeds.

A high speed camera paired with a gun smartlink reduces range penalties by 1 for second shots at targets in the same range bracket, as the camera allows the smartlink to watch the fired bullet with tremendous accuracy and then further compensate.

High Speed Camera:
Rating 1-3: Capacity: [Rating], Avail: Rating x 4. Cost: Rating x 400 nuyen.gif .
Rating 4-6: Capacity: [Rating+1], Avail: Rating x 4. Cost: Rating x 1000 nuyen.gif
High Speed Cybereye Upgrade:
Rating 1-2: Capacity: [Rating x 3], Avail: Rating x 5. Cost: Rating x 2000 nuyen.gif


Thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions?
Five hundred million? smile.gif

So, I feel like 'why?', especially when it gets Low Light for free, and affects ranged combat (the most involved aspect of the rules).
*shrug* I figured, "why not?" Sure, most people won't go for more than a rating 1-2, but IRL high speed cameras can go almost that fast (and theoretically faster), and knowing some of the lateral thinkers around here, somebody will come up with a use for a camera that fast.

And it only gets Low Light when you're not getting additional IP, due to the expose time and sensitivity issue--although I suppose I could edit it to say that you get Low Light at high speed if the sensor rating is at least one rating point higher than your IP (although that would also require editing the cyber capacity and ratings...).
I also assume it would lower Tns to notice things on a replay? If you have the space, capturing an hour of high intensity surveillance at 240 fps (10x normal) would be handy!
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