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Full Version: Protect Your Commlink & Drone Network
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Spoiler for 2072 players…please do not read on!

I am creating a drone whisperer and the 50BPs I have to spend on resources are being rapidly eaten up on vehicles/drones leaving program load out as a secondary concern (apart from command, ECCM, and encryption). This leaves me at risk of cyber-attack if someone spoofs/hacks a drone and ends up being routed to my ‘link.

The character will be in VR for the majority of the time so they should be on hand to monitor their node. Rather than attack progs etc, would it be possible to trigger a data bomb (if they detect an intruder) and then shut down the ‘link (routing drone control to a secondary emergency commlink)?

Would this be too slow if the node is compromised (VR IPs of 3 at the moment vs. a hacker with 4+ potentially). Is there a significantly better way of protecting the drone network? I will be running encryption 6 which offers some protection…

Anything else I’m missing or another good way to solve this problem? I aplogise if this has been discussed before...


If you need more response slots then Ergonomic and Optimization program options are the things you want.

Oh and you want to crack your software first of all its ten times cheaper and you dont leave digital traces too 50BP sounds somehow an awful lot for resources.
R6 Databombs with pavlov and maybe psychotropic options make drones as hacking safe as you can get with reasonable amounts of resources. They will explode when someone tries to enter the node without the password, dunno how you handle them.

Regarding routing, intruders get only routed to your link or proxy if you have slaved your drones, otherwise you only leave an id in the access log behind, but then again you can operate from a hidden account and when those drones are yours you should have the time to create a couple of them.

Having an IC running through all your nodes and widly dropping databombs is a great defense too.
Modular Man
Do you have access to "Unwired"? I'll just assume you do so...
Get a commlink upgraded with the "Simsense Accelerator" as soon as you can, it will provide a fourth IP.
An Analyze program (optimized 3, possibly ergonomic) and a good firewall will do a thing about detecting intruders.
Pirated software seems to be the way for a large network of drones - no copy protection.
Also be sure to pick up the "Drone Network Security" knowledge skill so your GM doesn't get angry for you doing things the character doesn't even now about spin.gif
IC can travel nodes as well. I've been toying with the concept of having an IC program (or even multiple ones) run on separate hardware and filling in as remote spiders. Leaves the drones program limit a lot more room for other very necessary things - we don't want them deadly slow, do we?
A drone uses its pilot/device rating in place of system doesn't it for determining what programs it can run? Can I copy my rt 6 firewall program to run on them and does this use a slot (I know it doesn't on the commlink and that it isn't limited by system/response)

Pirated software will have to come later (as a GM I don't allow it at character gen, although I disregard copy protection and registration on bought progs - it means starting hackers might not have every prog they will ever need right out of the box!)

Will have to see if I can squeeze some BPs for some IC then, I don't much like databombs as there's not that much that can be done about them - I know they can be disarmed but that assumes they are detected etc...I'm sure I've read rants about them here on DS)
Firewall is a Matrix attribute along with response, system and signal not a program and capped by nothing. Therefore a firewall doesnt take a response slot.
You could install any firewall on a Meta Link with Vector Xim.
The difference between Pilots and System lies only in the ability of the pilot to interact with meatspace opposed to systems and agents. Its an OS dedicated to operate a certain type of vehicles so nodes and drone are basically the same when you use them as matrix devices. Copying your R6 firewall on anything you own is the first step to make your equipment a little safer.
Otherwise the rating of programs you can run on drones/nodes is capped by their system/pilot attribute which in return is capped by response.

And to the databombs : you can analyse a node before you enter it, and asking for data bombs just takes one net hit on your analyze check so its fairly easy to spot them. You can defuse them yes, but they are also the second last line of defense on your own node, the last line before they are really in your link fucking you up.
And it also usually means that you already have been traced if the opposed hacker is a security team or using an agent somewhere.
Dont be afraid to use them as your life may depend on it smile.gif
I like to drop databombs in my proxies if i got the time before an entry as it gives the corp drones a real hard time in tracking you.
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