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Full Version: Need a second opinion on techno matrix attributes
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Pretty simple question on Technomancers that I would like some feedback on. I thought I would open the discussion up to dumpshock as a whole, and I kind of need to resolve it before finishing up my echo houserules for the other thread.

There are a few a technomancer echoes that raise your matrix attributes. Acceleration being the most common, as it gives you more initiative passes. But it also raises your Response.

Just so everyone is on the same page: 4A page 349: Emphasis mine.
The Living Persona Table defines the ratings for a technomancerís living persona. None of the attributes of this persona may exceed a technomancerís Resonance rating (so a technomancer with Resonance 3 and Willpower 5 has a living persona Firewall of 3, not 5). When technomancers immerse themselves in full VR, they are always considered to be running with hot sim (p.†226); the speed bonus for hot sim is already calculated into their Response and Initiative.

My question is: Can your Echoes raise your beyond the limit your Resonance score imposes?
IE: With Intuition 6, Resonance 6, and Acceleration, is your Response 6 or 7?

P.S.: As a disclaimer, I'm fairly sure that the text(and the table in the book) that says you get +1 response for being in hotsim is a case of the developers confusing hotsim's bonus to Initiative for a bonus to Response, or even confusing it with a reality filter. Either that, or a holdover from a previous edition. Not really the focus of the questions, but I thought I'd point it out to minimize confusion.

What do you folks think?
I'd say that Resonance still acts as an absolute cap on the Matrix Attributes, but the nice thing about those echoes is that they allow a character to actually have average mental attributes and still be effective in the Matrix.
That's about what I was thinking, yeah.

Still trying to decide how it interacts with my houserules that change the mental stat cap to be based partially on resonance.
Did some thinking on that myself; after some consideration, the cap is still in place. As Resonance rises, the other Matrix attributes will lag behind by a value of half of the Resonance stat (due to the house rule), so the echoes allow them to "catch up" somewhat, without having to raise the relevant attribute.
The Jake
I'd cut the TMs a break. They are so karma intensive to make them do anything at all and even then, they are only a one trick pony.

- J.
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