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Full Version: Underbarrel Grenade Launcher...
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Cannot find it in the books. Beginng for a page-reference. Thank you.
Dakka Dakka
I'm pretty sure there is none. You either take the one that belongs to the weapon (Ares Alpha, AK-98 etc.) or you make one of the normal grenade launchers into an underbarrel weapon.
Heh, they forgot it. ^^ I knew it.^^
Seriously Mike
If you need range, it's on page 139 in Corebook, the rest is listed on the weapons table in Street Gear (also in Corebook). Specific grenades are on page 314. All page numbers from the latest print of SR4.
Hey Mike, no itīs ok. I was just adding some weapons info into my sheets and couldnīt find the underbarrel grenadelauncher. Confused me a bit, because all previous editions had one. But at least we have underbarrel bola launchers....tssss^^
Seriously Mike
And flamethrowers. I'm amazed that there are no aftermarket launchers in the books, that's a pretty obvious omission.
There is an underbarrel grenade launcher in one of the Dumpshock Datahaven Issues. i forget which one off the top of my head. Arsenal has Flamethrowers. I know they come as just the thrower, but i can't remember if there is a flamethrower mod.

*Edit* The underbarrel grenade launcher is in Datahaven #1 page 11. They also put in the stats for an underbarrel shotgun.

just substract an AK-97 from an AK-98, and you have your underbarrel grenade launcher ^^

Weird, I never noticed. smile.gif I guess I always just used the Arsenal rules.
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