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Full Version: SR4 Hardcopy Books
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Is there a list of printings available for the different books that have been printed so far?

Like I know Street Magic has 3 printings. What about SR4A? Is there anywhere to get this information for each book?

I want to start buying more SR4 books (have SR4A and a couple of PDFs) in hardcopy but want to avoid older print runs of possible.

Aside from Street Magic, which recent printings do I want to avoid due to 'errors' in coordinating what was printed?

As a side question, is there a maptools set for SR4?
I would check wikipedia. i know they have a list of all the books printed for all editions. as for if they have different runs of each book listed i don't know.

There is a maptools kit for SR4a, i found it with a little digging. In the maptools forums search for shadowrun and you should be able to track down what you are looking for.
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