Fading: Charisma + Resonance
Sprites: Courier, Crack, Data, Sleuth, Tank

The five paths are:
The Path of the Warrior (for a paragon, use Shooter), also known as the Order of Cu Chulainn
The Path of the Steward (for a paragon, use Archivist) or the Order of Etain
The Path of the Bard (for a paragon, use Architect) or the Order of Brigid
The Path of the Druid (for a paragon, use Delphi) or the Order of Ogma
The Path of the Rígh (for a paragon, use Echelon) or the High Order of the Sun, Moon, and Stars (reserved only for the Tir elite and believed to possess exclusive Echo's able to replicate all the advantages of the lesser paths).

Path Followers usually have a paragon (p. 149).

it is something I am working on for a char from Tir Na Nog that came from a noble family but was a Technomancer not a magic user so he went into exile and with his upbringing used the stream and is attempting to make the network

the char would be Path of the Bard ?