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Full Version: Deadbeat Dads
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Erik Baird
So I just had an idea for a character who's a runner because he doesn't want to pay child support or alimony. Maybe he has good reason or maybe not, but his ex don't care, and neither does Uncle Sam. I was thinking he would get two or three enemies for that, namely his ex, the State, and maybe a third party (lawyer/in-laws/older kids?). The ex and third party would probably be low-level, but how would one stat the government for that? The little bit I've seen of that aspect of (civilian) law enforcement is pretty lax, and I don't imagine it would be much better 50 years from now. Assume he's at least moved out of the original state and is living out of a mini-RV. That's about as much as I have for the idea so far.
Rules for living in an RV are in the new e-book at least. As for not paying child support... There's some 'Runners that would take offense to that.

Even if they shoot people in the face for money and use Monowire far too much while grinning far too wide. That's just too evil for them. nyahnyah.gif
Oh, wow - that's a character that's destined to be taking the "Dark Secret" and "Hung out to Dry" traits at the very least...

Good luck and have fun playing with a character of such dubious moral qualities - the other players aren't going to let you live that down smile.gif

Is it really Uncle Sam any more? I'm pretty sure he would be on the run from Uncle Sam* brought to you by Ares.

Uncle Sam wants YOU for Ares's consumer base.

Ares, because sometimes you just need to kill the shit out of something.
Erik Baird
Those traits would fit, too. Too bad I will probably never actually get to play with the character, as I'm in the same boat as CanRay, gaming-wise. But it's an interesting idea. There's gotta be at least a few of these guys running around, eh?
Great, now I'm a line of boats...
Erik Baird
QUOTE (CanRay @ Feb 15 2012, 08:36 PM) *
Great, now I'm a line of boats...

Funny how morals work, eh? Shooting people in the face is OK, but being a Deadbeat Dad isn't? nyahnyah.gif
Erik Baird
No kidding. You can kill a guy, but everybody gets upset if you serve up his liver with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti, amIright?

(Although I've never seen whatever movie that comes from)
I think that few runners will take on them to punish him for that - but it at least hint at the guy being selfish and likely to bug out and run on you if things go sour.

Of course if he's persecuted by a vindcitive greedy haridan and a bunch of equally greedy and obnoxious kids, odds are he'l be able to get away with it.

And I would definitively object as being served the guy's liver as you suggest. I hate liver. A properly barbequed choice cut of meat on the other hand...
Erik Baird
Both scenarios are interesting, although I think the one with the harpy would be more playable. At least, it would make the guy less despicable.

"Of course I ran out on her. She tried to kill feed me liver!"
Or, on the really scummy end, a hypocritical Humanis guy who fathered a litter on an ork woman (or two. or three...). Not only does he have to hide from paying child support, he also has to hide from his former "friends" at the policlub...
But this guy would need a huge body score I guess, because there will be a loot of booze involved....

Shooting people in the face is OK, but being a Deadbeat Dad isn't?

Less to do with moral, and more with this, I call it, "role play moral"...

Judging things on how cool they sound...
(What I read over the years... And the really disturbing thing is: Authors are even a bit worse...
@Irion: Not necessarily; he could be the sort of hypocrite we know and love (to hate) from RL politics. You know the kind--the ones that profess the importance of the sanctity of "insert political issue here" and go out and then violate what they've stated they believe? The ones for whom the phrase was coined "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"?
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