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used to use microskimmers in 2nd ed a lot and I have been looking for them in 4th ed and can not find the old "trash can lids" are they translated to 4th ed or do I need to do that ?

or has someone else have ideas about them ?
The only microskimmer that I have seen is skimmer disks, a modular plug-in for cyberfeet on pages 47-48 of Augmentation. I don't see why you couldn't use the exact same costs and rules for a non-cybernetic version, though.
What I was referring to is a drone, it was a hybrid Electric/Methane drone that hovered but had a good signature so I would have one or 2 hidden on egress points from a run that where backup points for if the run "went south" usually had a sub-machine gun mounted, I also had one that I upped the sensors as far as I could for an eye in the sky. The description for that cyberware plug in is based of the same tech base for movement.
Sikorsky-Bell Microskimmer, SR4A, p. 350 (described) and 351 (stats).
Seriously Mike
Sure, but I doubt you'll be able to put a weapon mount on a microdrone.
QUOTE (Seriously Mike @ Feb 19 2012, 01:33 PM) *
Sure, but I doubt you'll be able to put a weapon mount on a microdrone.

No, no, no. Putting a weapon mount on a microdrone is no problem.

Getting the microdrone to fly with a weapon mounted is the problem! grinbig.gif
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