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Full Version: Waiting for the heat to die down
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So I've just bought Safehouses and am looking forward to building a few for future use, but it got me wondering ... how to play the heat dying down whilst the PCs are in hiding, or if it even should.

Does anybody have any tips, recommendations or examples of this? Context is key, I know, but by and large the pursuers aren't going to forgive and forget of their own accord and arrest warrants don't have expiry dates, so how is hiding out meant to work? Is it simply that the pursuers will give up actively searching so the characters will be less likely to run into them after a few months? Is it standard practice to fake your own death/emigration before you go to ground?
In essence when the do dad is handed off, the pay data exchanged then its less recovery and more about vengence.

Revenge does not pay so it has to be in someones interest personally or in the bottem line to geek/ arrest the runners.

In the first instance of the second stage, the runners are trying to be hard enough yo get so that work to get at them- out weighs profitablitiy of getting them. This second factor deceases with time so- the work to get them deceases as well- until they can work the streets again.

If they make a personal enemy or drop 'the work to get them' on a previous target, revenge becomes profitable.

As you control the world you control how fast stuff creeps up thats more important to the previous targets/ enemies.

Edit to make some kind of sense.
The major thing about hiding out until the heat goes down is that there's so many other crimes that people, including the cops, forget about what you've done and aren't actively hunting any longer. Vice gives a good reason for this financially as well (Remember: Privatized Police only go after criminals that help the bottom line!). When there's so many criminals on the current "Hot Sheets" that your group has been pushed to the bottom, well, there you go.

Faking one's death is usually done if you're such a bad name in one city/area, you have to leave, and hope someone never follows you. Or you retire.

These things were discussed in Vice, which is why I didn't go into detail on them in Safehouses. But it is a good question. smile.gif

EDIT: Another reason to go to ground is that the group is hurt, and needs to recover/heal before they can do anything else. The hunt is active (And I included rules in that), and there will hopefully be time to fix themselves up enough to fight off the hunt if it's a group or organization that doesn't give up. ("They shot up the boss' house. Where his KIDS sleep! Them folks is going to die twice for what they did!")
Hopefully the safe houses are the most expensive ones you have. Most think a hole in the wall is a good safe house, this is false. Luxury housing is the best for a safe house because it is conducive to healing faster and its location is less likely to be looked at by the fuzz.
Which I tried to explain in the book. smile.gif

It's also why Wedge suggested medical-grade sheets. wink.gif
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