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Full Version: Skill Bonuses + Modifiers
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This should probably be obvious but for some reason my brain is having a hard time grasping the differences. I apologise if this has been done to death in other threads but my SearchFu is weak!

In SR4A it says
Some abilities and implants (as noted) may increase this rating,
creating a modified skill rating. A modified skill cannot exceed the base skill rating x 1.5 (making 9 the maximum possible rating, or 10 with the Aptitude quality). Specializations, spells, and other implants may provide bonus dice to a skill, but do not change the base skill rating. These extra dice are listed in parentheses after the base skill, as in Spellcasting 4 (+2).

So is there an easy way to tell the difference between what adds to a skill and what is just bonus D?

Things that spring to mind are all the perception test addons, attention coprocessor, vision enchancement, adept enhanced perception…are these all additional D?

What about the MBW dodge bonus? The reflex recorders?

When the text states that it modifies the skill rating, it is a skill modifier. All other things are a DP bonus.
The move-by-wire system confers a bonus of +2 to the character’s Reaction attribute, +1 to the character’s Dodge skill rating, ...

In game terms, the attention coprocessor adds its rating as a dice pool modifier to Perception Tests ...
Yeah, pretty much "only when it specifically says it directly modifies the rating".

99% of mods are to the Dice Pool.

Too bad, too; it could actually be a useful distinction for some things.
Thanks...I knew it should be obvious, just need to scrutinise the text for each item a bit more frown.gif
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