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Full Version: Flattening Technology
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No argument that the movie was B at best but I enjoyed it, lol. The thing that has popped up occasionally is the flattening technology the main character and others used to carry their own armory in such a way to avoid detection. It also made keeping track of how much ammo the character had pointless as she apparently had enough to invade Poland. So my question is has anyone ever tried to home rule the effect of flattening technology into Shadowrun, and how did it work for you?

Some of the reasons I keep playing with the idea is that 1) characters could believably wonder around with all their weapons and not be constantly being chased by police when they leave the barrens. 2) If such technology was in the game it would make the constant presence of highly armed security guards in all corporate facilities and in society more understandable as no one could ever be sure who was packing until the weapons came out.

If I ever did introduce it into the game it would be expensive as all hell, have forbidden availability, require some form of cyberware to be implanted into the character/npc that ate a lot of essence, require expensive mod work to the weapons, and have the cyberware only implantable at a select few Delta clinics.

I know this is not cannon nor will it every be, I am just asking for people’s ideas on how they may have house ruled it.
Ultraviolet is actually one of those movies that I had to turn off about halfway through. Don't get me wrong, I love Mila Jovovich, and I love a good B Action movie. Ultraviolet was just so... ugh.

Sorry you just reminded me of how awful that movie was.

Nanotech in Shadowrun can get pretty close to some of the toys in Ultraviolet.
Spy Games, p.163, Hidden Pocket Spell - With this, you can hide things in other things.
We needed Portable Black Holes in Shadowrun.
QUOTE (NiL_FisK_Urd @ Mar 7 2012, 02:24 PM) *
Spy Games, p.163, Hidden Pocket Spell - With this, you can hide things in other things.

I guess that's handy if where you are sneaking into or out of doesn't have any magical wards or security?
QUOTE (Murrdox @ Mar 7 2012, 02:29 PM) *
We needed Portable Black Holes in Shadowrun.

Warp grenade, aerodynamic?
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