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Full Version: Another newbie question
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I know I'm asking a lot of questions, and I am very thankful for all the patience and replies. I am very anxious about getting the details right. These questions are about AR and comlinks.

What really is a comlink and how is it used? Is it a headset, something like an iPad? Is there some type of voice command or do you have to push buttons like a phone or something? I get that it is an all in one media/network device, just not exactly how they are used.

AR: its the big thing now. Everyone is using it, right? What about people without image link devices? Is there any way they can use it? Can a comlink somehow be used for AR?

How do you use AR? You walk in a bar, see all the ARO's. Do you just tell your comlink to open this or that icon? I thought that was what the AR gloves were for, but it seems in the book that AR is so common I was not sure it everyone had the gloves to interact with it or if there was another way.

Thanks again for all your help. My entire group will appreciate it!
A commlink is a computer (an iPhone), and the hub of your PAN (typically, connects all of your devices). It can be controlled with manual controls (presumably buttons or touch), gloves, voice controls, eye movements (AR glasses), or DNI (trodes, datajack).

The commlink itself can have a display (like an iPhone, or even holo), which can kinda be used for AR. It's way better with image link or DNI (trodes, datajack).

Gloves aren't necessary, but they are one option.
A Comlink is kinda like our todays MID's, only much more advanced due to use of holographic controls if you are not in AR/VR.
You can project buttons and sliders and screens and displays into thin air that everybody can see. This is the lo-tech-variant.
The high-Tech-Variant is using AR-Controls that can only be seen using built in or external AR devices such as glasses and gloves.

People without image link can use it if they have a built in comlink. This one is different due to no holographic and AR/VR-Controls only.
It tells your brain where what kind of control is. You can even feel it, due to the sim module. And your brain tells it where you are doing what.

And yes, if you are a poor shlub you need AR-Glasses and Gloves to interact with ARO's. Or a Trode-Net.
Which is basically a way to experience AR/VR without boring holes into your body.
It's worth noting that VR requires simsense (all simsense requires DNI; DNI is trodes, datajack, or implanted commlink), while AR *may* be delivered via simsense (and that's the best way). However, basically any kind of contextual, locational, or overlay information is 'AR'.

Here's the relevant quote:
QUOTE (SR4A p328)
micro-trid/holo projector/“touch-screen” display, camcorder, microphone, image/text scanner, RFID tag reader, GPS (global positioning system, triangulated from registered local wireless nodes), roll-up Velcro-fastening keyboard, chip player, credstick reader, retractable earbuds, voice-access controls, and a shock and water-resistant case.
Keep going with the questions Galvatron. That way I can freeload your newbie queries without having to ask myself biggrin.gif
So on a a related note.....

If you put the skinlink option on your comlink, can you just say...strap it to your chest and control it that way? (with image link etc).

Yes, if the other ends (e.g., your trodes) are skinlinked as well (pretty cheap, do it to everything). This is basically what everyone *should* do. Note that 'skinlink' is actually a very short-range wireless system that extends a few inches (at least 1 in, anyway) past your clothes; your commlink can be in your pocket, etc.
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