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Full Version: AR getting closer
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OK, while i was trying to read up on the Sony HMZ-T1, i stumbled upon this one:
And what can i say, fuck everything else, this will be my next toy/project i think . .
Full HD Head Mounted Display, weights only a fraction of what the Sony one weights . .
Is see through, so can be used with other stuff . . Can be made fully opaque too.
Does not need a frigging big Box like the HMZ-T1 needs. Can be used with a battery pack on the go.
And they are planning a 4k Version too

Only downside is the not OLED screens, as far as i can tell . . price at below 700$ seems VERY reasonable to me too . .

Anybody wanting to weight in a bit on this one?
I'd prefer some actual images of what it can do as opposed to a few bullet-point lists of specs.
I think something like this: would get us closer but I'm pretty positive it'll be screen and camera based simply because of what a pain it is to display transparent overlays close to the eye in such a way they can be focused on.
What would be pretty cool would be a very low powered laser that projects directly into the eye in a manner like is done at light shows.
QUOTE (Neraph @ Mar 18 2012, 05:02 PM) *
I'd prefer some actual images of what it can do as opposed to a few bullet-point lists of specs.

been on their webpage?
there are some videos too.
but you can't really film what these do, for obvious reasons i am afraid . .

compare to the sony HMZ-T1 and the zeiss cinemizer.
QUOTE (Johnny Mnemonic Movie)
Sogo 7 Data Gloves, a GPL stealth module, one Burdine intelligent translator... Thompson iPhone.

See them in action.
I cannot see this becoming commonplace until AR contact lenses become available (and given the rumors about Low light enabled contact lenses being a reality this may be sooner rather than later)

Was it snowcrash or something where peoples implants got hacked to play ads constantly? Would love to see a RL virus with this effect!
i'm certainly hoping that this one will become mass produced . . .
small, effective, lighweight, high quality, see through, 3D screen.
the possibilities are staggering!

This is, pretty much, as close as we are right now, to 3D-Holographic images.
Combine with headtrack IR for example and a small time camera and there is close to nothing you can't do . .
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