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Full Version: Analytics Adept Power
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The description is basically fluff. There are no Sherlock Holmes like riddles in a run, because it's extremely difficult for GMs to come up with them. And then the PC would need to solve it, and not the player, which kills the fun.
I never bothered considering taking it and I've never seen a build on any forums with it.
Any hard suggestions?

The best I can see is Encryption and Decryption tests. But those are almost done by the software alone.
I would add it to the appropriate knowledge skill or perception tests when the character has an opportunity to notice a clue, hidden message, or incongruity. It is not a terribly useful power if the GM is not the kind of GM who uses perception tests or knowledge skill tests very often, but that can be said about most PC abilities (that how useful an ability is depends on the campaign). I would also consider adding it to data search tests, since the fluff description is very similar to the analytical mind positive quality.
The Jopp
Its an iffy ability but I think it should be useful for more things that 'clue gathering'.

There are many fields in which it can be used depending on the characters actual skills.

Analythical research of black market activity cross referenced with regular market shipping activities of said products

Sounds odd? no, the character should be able to add his dice to rolls regarding finding gear if he has done his research outside of the regular "call contact and roll dice"

-Pattern Prediction/analysis
By analysing the behaviour of people (perhaps aspecific target) the character can gain a bonus in predicting the enemy/target/victims next move or location

Seeing pattern in how laws have been applied in order to stage a good defence (well, there ARE shadowrun lawyers...)

The above case should give a character extra dice if they need to make any checks in regarding to judgement patterns on a specific type of crime - as I said, its an iffy ability but it is at the same time very flexible.

Analytics of enemy tactics and movement - to predict the enemies next step (will they pop up behind that piece of cover or run to the left...)

I think it is very much up to the player to come up with plausible research for WHY they should get a dicebonus - one could see it as a technical skill dicepool bonus that requires an explanation in order to work on ALL skill in certain situations.

At the same time I think one should flesh out the ability to work in certain situation.

Combat Analytics
Economy Analytics

Combat Analytics would for example not give a straight bonus to shooting or melee but should perhaps give a bonus for discovering traps, ambushes and when rolling for initiative in an ambush.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
I have a character or two with the Ability, and I tend to use it much like Glyph and The Jopp have explained above. smile.gif
It is generally pretty useful, but our GM's tend to make space for its use, too, so...
QUOTE (The Jopp @ Apr 3 2012, 10:48 AM) *
Analytics of enemy tactics and movement - to predict the enemies next step (will they pop up behind that piece of cover or run to the left...)

WAR page 137 has rules for use of the Leadership skill. They're among the few great things in this book.

Command (Strategy specialization): You organize and
direct your subordinates to gain a strategic advantage. Make a
Leadership + Logic Success Test with a threshold equal to half
the number of subordinates you are leading (round up). If you
succeed, your subordinates get a +2 bonus to Initiative for the
following Combat Turn.

I can definitely see the Analytics power apply here.
Also seen it used (and used it myself) in hardware tests for defeating maglocks and other technical security measures - is it the red wire or the blue chip I yank...? that may be a bit of a stretch but my GMs have allowed it and so have I. Hardware tests are enough of a pain with few enough mods that it doesn't seem to unbalance anything.
I use it for small unit tactics, leadership(command), Tracking, some Electronic Warfare tests, Data Search, some Profession skills, gambling, and my GM lets me apply it to the Linguistics power tests (what's more pattern analysis than learning a language?).

We've also discussed using it for Gunnery tests where guided weapons are concerned but he's still on the fence.

We play more of an international mercenary campaign and I'm the all-purpose translator and, to a lesser extent, the permanent lookout. Multitasking is great for translating and it lets me continuously make perception tests while still staying on mission.
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