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Full Version: Shadowrun mission with vampires
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A while back, I played in an SR missions ( I think) campaign set in Seattle. One of the adventures was helping a group of vampires track down who was killing their members. I'd love to get my hands on it, but I don't know what the name was, or even if it was a regular "missions" adventure. Any help would be appreciated.
Maybe I should repost this in the Missions forum?
Unless it was a Season 1 adventure (one of the original Missions adventures, done for 3rd edition), I don't think this is a regular Missions module. Certainly not one of the Season 4 ones (Which is set in Seattle), and it's not one of the Season 3 (Manhatttan) ones either. It's also not one of the CMP adventures.

I'm not as familiar with Season 1 (SR3, Seattle) and 2 (SR4, Denver), so there's the slim possibility it's one of those, but I've at least skimmed all of those and it's not ringing any bells frown.gif

It was a 3rd edition campaign.
Nevermind. It's really old, from the Virtual Seattle adventures.
Ahh, ok, yeah. I don't have access to any of that information or anything, sorry.

Is this what you were talking about?
*Makes Notes* Vampires in a Shadowrun Missions...
Burn them?
Would have made a better ending, I freely admit.
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