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Full Version: Returning to Shadowrun
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So once upon a time I was really into Shadowrun. An unfortunate experience of betrayal in a TT game kind of put me off it for a few years. Recently however, my Pathfinder group has been looking for something different. I decided introducing them to the greatest gaming world of all time was at hand. Then the next day Shadowrun Returns was announced and I figured it was just karma. I have run into a problem though, other than Pavao, all my old links are blank, or returning the dreaded FBI anti-copyright seal. I have found two kinds of character sheets via google but they are not nearly as awesome as Wordmans were, but his sight leads only to his 3rd edition things, not his 4th.

Anyone have a handful of good links for character sheets I could peruse?

The two main free character sheets for SR4A are:

Damien's excel format:

And Chummer:

Both work reasonably well and are probably about 99% accurate thanks to the efforts of their creators and their users feedback.
Welcome back Shadow,

I am away from my computer right now, but I think I might have Wordman's sheets somewhere. I will let you know.

In the mean time, of you've been away for awhile I would highly recommend checkin out Nebular's Chummer character builder. It's very good and produces printable characters.
A lot of the old sites are down. There's a conservation project in the community projects section of the forum, which for some reason I can't load right now.

EDIT- seems like your best bet if you remember the urls.
On the other hand, you can now buy a character building app from Lone Wolf
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help. I forgot how awesome and friendly DSF is compared to the rest of the internet.
Wait, we're friendly?

When did that happen? nyahnyah.gif
Kyoto Kid, now, be nice. wink.gif

Some of us have been away for a bit.
QUOTE (CanRay @ Apr 12 2012, 05:53 AM) *
Wait, we're friendly?

When did that happen? nyahnyah.gif

More like the bottom dropped out of the net, making us look like saints on comparison.

Oh how i love relativity wink.gif
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