By RAW inhabitation magic hav no actual limitation apart from a test against the host or a barrier rating in the case of non-living entities.

We have all talked about fitting ally/free spirits into zeppelins, cruise missiles, mecha drones and guns. But what are the limitations and drawbacks on this, and what is allowed by raw and not?

My reason for asking is because of this line in Augmentation:
Hard machines are artificial constructs, nano-scale dronesmade from diamondoid composites, with almost frictionless bodies and internal power supplies.

Now, by RAW this means that a free spirit character or an ally spirit can actually be placed into a Nanite drone - boosting its attributes by Force. The drawback is of course that the drone has no actual drone attributes listed as it is so tiny. Would it then simply get physical drone attributes equal to force?

Add powers like concealment, movement, poison and accident and finally guard and you have a LITERALLY invisible free spirit drone that can poison people.

Ok, drawback, can be swarmed and attacked by actual other nanites although it has a good defence (the free spirit/drone is having actual armor and attributes equal to a human...) and would actually have to fight those drones in melee (think the movie 300 with a Spartan Drone...)

This also raise question about scalability (invisible nanite drone becomes as strong as a human (BOD 5/2= STR3?). Not to mention that if the little bugger is swallowed by a pidgeon mid-flight will the hapless pigeon be dragged along as the spirit just plows through the poor thing? Or will the drone still lack actual mass and have to find its way out of the digestive system of a pigeon (a powerbolt will take care of that...)

I guess we can call him POWER GNAT or THE MICROSCOPIC AVENGER.

For a free spirit character I can see direct drawbacks when it comes to team integration and communication.