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Full Version: Inquisitive Flaw
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Eyeless Blond
Value: ?
An Inquisitive character has a compulsive habit of investigation, much like Creator shamans. Whenever the character comes up against an object that is in the character's opinion unusual or unique (ultimately GM's discretion, but must be something outside the character's experience), he immediately uses Astral Perception, Detection magic spells, B/R skills (defaulting to Int if necessary), or any other relevant and available method(s) in an attempt to figure out what it is and how it works. The character must spend at least 3 Combat Turns on this analysis. He can make a Willpower (5) test to avoid this; one success negates it entirely, and automatically succeeds if there is some overriding reason for it such as the risk of imminent death.

Would you rate this as -1, or more? Or less?
I'd just treat it as a compulsion and set the flaw based on the strength of the compulsion to investigate things. Low strength, -1. high strength, -4 (or whatever the compulsion cap is).
Yeah, definately add a higher value if the compulsion includes using drain-possible spells in his investigation.
Eyeless Blond
That's what I was looking for: how strong is this Flaw? -1, 2, 3 or -4? Okay, so say the guy always used Analyze Device 5 (Drain code +1M) and Astral Perception whenever he "fell into" this Impulse. What would it be worth then?
I tend to rank compulsions thusly:

TN 4 to resist, 1 point
TN 6 to resist, 2 points
TN 8 to resist, 3 points
TN 10 to resist, 4 points

Silly, minor or otherwise goofy compulsion -1
Example: kissing clasp of necklace before turning it around

Compulsion presents clear and present danger +1
Example: must pick fights with bigger people to prove something, won't back down

Overall trait 0 modifier
Example: Curious, Impulsive, Stubborn, etc.

Overall trait modifier in specific circumstances -1
Example: Impulsive about women, etc.

Overwhelming compulsion -- the character must stop everything immediately and proceed with the compulsion, +2. This dictates the character must use everything within his or her power to fulfill the compulsion. Ignoring the compulsion as below is not an option.
Note: That's just fragging scary and will probably get someone killed soonish.

If the character succeeds at the Willpower check, (s)he is able to turn away from the object of compulsion. If not, the character must fulfill the compulsion.

At the GM's discretion, the character may ignore the compulsion but suffers a TN penalty equal to the level of the flaw to all actions while the compulsion is present.

Example: Jack has a Compulsion regarding women, -2. He fails his Willpower roll while staking out a job but opts to stay focused. Unfortunately for Jack, the Seattle Cheerleaders are having tryouts next door. Jack suffers +2 target numbers for the next three hours.

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