What do you think of the following.

Tower Heavy Drone
Limited Maneuverability
Rail Modification (Temporary) [Not for the Tower drone but for the 'engines']

Now we take X4 Optic-X vector thrust drones with a special equipment 'Rail Grapple Arm' to function as engines.

What do we get - The Drone version of a SHIELD Helicarrier.

We can also add a vehicle special equipment 'Refuel Connection' to the drones so they can leech energy for their engines from the larger drone. The larger drone benefits from +3 slots by not having its own engine.

Feasible? spin.gif

I was basically toying around with an AI that is a hivemind of 15 different drones making up a Tower drone carrier that includes refuelling drones, carryall drones, repair drones and attack drones (all tiny and relatively harmless). The main drone is having a laser turret at the bottom (MCT Tower hangar bay drone with drone workshop).