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Full Version: Quick VR2 PDF Question
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Am I just rolling all ones or does BattleCorps not have the VR2 pdf? I hate buying watermarked PDFs, at least the way DTRPG does it.
Mister Shed
I am assuming he means Virtual Realities 2.0 (the 2nd edition Matrix sourcebook).

BattleCorps does not seem to have any of the second edition books in their pdf catalog, possibly because CGL has not acquired copies of them to scan yet.
I guess my question there would be why does DTRPG have 2nd edition stuff and not BattleCorps?
Maybe DTRPG had an exclusivity clause in their license to sell the 2E stuff ...?
Is that really worth that much? nyahnyah.gif Just curious at this point. Like I said, I hate the way they do watermarks, but I guess they are the only game in town. smile.gif
They might have bought a cheap, LONG-term license way before Catalyst got SR at all.
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