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Full Version: Negative Quality for age
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Hey so basically im building a technomancer thats a lot like Ladybug from the Runner's Tool kit Anatomy of shadowrun story. The character is for a player in a game im running (which means i have GM power) and we were working together to attempt to create a young character (ladybug is 13 in the story). Is there an existing negative quality to represent this? I know in Runner's companion there is a negative quality of looking like a child called Neoteny (pg 117) which gives you 10 BP, along with a bunch of negatives to damage track and stuff. You are however still a legal adult and can do all the things an adult can do as long as you flash an ID.

My question is, do you think 10BP is enough for an ACTUAL child, or should it be more or less? And what limitations to stats should arise out of it, should i use the Physical Condition Monitor to 6+ (Body/2, rounded up) limitation?

Thanks =]

I think you are just about right going with Neoteny, that's what I would have suggested as well for the physical effects smile.gif
Perhaps you could add another Negative Quality to reflect the other stuff you had in mind:

Underaged (-5BP): The character is far younger than the age of adulthood in his country and thus faces all the problems related with still being considered a child. Those include but are not limited to: denial of certain substances at the stores (alcohol, cigarettes), no access to nightclubs and casinos, no driver's or weapon license. The lack of age of a character with this quality is very obvious and he may face social penalties in certain situations at the discretion of the GM because people don't tend to take him very seriously sometimes. When a character with this quality finally turns 18, he must spend Karma to erase the quality. If he doesn't, it is replaced with another negative quality (that's worth the same) at the gamemaster's discretion, e.g. Day Job to represent that all at once the character needs to start working to earn his money now that his child benefits are gone.
thanks that sounds good.
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