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Full Version: Corp Citizens vs. Non-Corp Citizens
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A concept I've tried more than a few times to wrap my head around when I'm designing the games for my group is what the distribution of the population (lets say the UCAS) for those who are Corp Citizens, (eating, breathing, sleeping, and living under the "beneveloence" of the company), and those who are not; either working for a private or public company but maintaing your own housing and UCAS citizenship. Of course the other question is what proportion of the population is SINless and beholden to neither.

A player in my group maintains its about 60-70% of the population is living in the corps shadow, and the rest living as they can on their own. To me this seemed too high; I would have guessed no more than 30% of the population could be considered "company men and women."

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?
Well, there're "Corporate Citizens" and then there are "People who owe their liveliehood to teh corps."

The actual coprorate citizenship rate is about 10-20%, depending on the nation and corporation in question. Ares, for instance, has less citizens than most as it makes AMERIC ... ahem... UCAS a big part of who it is. Shiawase, meanwhile, holds citizenship in high regard, the true mark of a salaryman, and it's a huge accomplishment that everyone strives to gain some day.

Now, beyond THAT level, people who only have jobs due to the corps is probaby around 66%, a reverse of today's "Small business creates most jobs" concept.

So, high EMPLOYMENT, low CITIZENSHIP, if that makes sense.
The official numbers say that half of the population of Seattle if "affiliated" to a corporation. It's not clear if it means that they're employees or citizen.
I imagine that most employees that work directly for a AAA (AA? I'm not sure about) megacorp are also citizens of that corp. Corporate citizenship is only a benefit to the corp, so they'd want to make use of it as much as possible. After all, corporate citizens who live on corporate property are paid in corp scrip and pay corporate taxes - It helps keep the money flow internal. Also, the only labor and safety laws that need to be followed are the ones the corp makes for its own employee/citizens. OSHA can't say a thing about it.

Employees of national subsidiaries or other non-extraterritorial corporations could easily be national or dual citizens, depending on the rating of the corp involved. The corporate supplements for each edition are pretty good about explaining the ins and outs of extraterritoriality.
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