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Full Version: Second Sight Priority D in SR2 or SR3?
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I know it exists but I can't seem to find it anywhere (granted it's almost midnight). I haven't played SR in about 15 years but I've got some interested players and I'd love to run it again. Anyway, I had a handout for player character generation with a priority matrix with Second Sight in the Magic Column, row D. I'm pretty sure it gives you Astral Sight but I can't remember what the requirements are... Assuming at least 1 point of Magic Rating.

But really I just want to know where it came from... I know I just saw it the other day but didn't chase it down as I was looking for something else. Which book? Help?
Offhand, I'd have to guess the quick and dirty rules from two things. I've never seen them and I've never seen that listing that I can remember. That or some of the weird German material that was going on that never made it outside of Germany in original print.
That one was in the 2nd Edition 'Deutschland in den Schatten' (not the hardcover one, iirc)
Called 'Spoekenkieker', I think, but I don't have this book anymore.
You retained astral sight, if you had essence of higher than 1 and never got cybereyes or any eye upgrades.

Also, if I recall this correctly, in one incarnation of the companion, you could buy astral sight as a quality, provided you were mundane
Yes I saw that... What would be the English translation of those book names? cool.gif
With no guarantees to accuracy:
Shadowrun Companion (2nd Ed, I guess)
Deutschland in den Schatten was to my knowledge never translated to english, but the title in itself would bei "Germany in the Shadows"
Spoekenkieker is from a north german dialect, literal translation would be ghost (or spook) watcher
The English version is Germany Sourcebook, very imaginative.

QUOTE (p151 Germany SB)
Shadowrun characters of first - or second-generation European descent may be spokenkiekerel (see German Magic. p. 138). This status allows them to use the following optional rules at the gamemaster's discretion. During character generation a player may assign a Priority of D to his Magic category in order to give that character rudimentary astral perception. With this level of ability, the character only gains astral perception and cannot astrally project, cast spells, conjure spirits, enchant objects, be Initiated Into a magical group, or use metamagic. Note that a player cannot assign multiple priorities to one category such as assigning both priorities B and D to his Magic category In order to give astral perception to an adept that normally cannot have that power.
A spokenkieker's astral perception works in the same way as standard astral perception (see p. 145-46, SRII) except that the character must spend 1 point of Good Karma (see p.190. SRII) to use the ability. Once expended the Karma is lost. All normal rules for astral perception apply: the character is astrally present and therefore vulnerable and so on. Note that an astrally perceptive character also gains an effective Magic Attribute and only retains his astral perception ability as long as his Magic Rating remains higher than 0. Rules pertaining to magicians and Deadly wounds (see SRII) also apply to spokenkiekerin.
Yup, Germany Source book, page 151. I didn't think I had looked through the Germany source book though so I didn't open it the second time around. I'm assuming it was reused somewhere... now to figure out the SR3 conversion, if necessary.
Aspected Magician instead of full magician?
I would probably treat it the same, Priority D or 5 build points, except I am not sure you really need to charge someone Karma just for using it.

In the SR4 Runner's Companion version of the Priority system, things like astral sight or spell knacks are Priority D (in the "Tweaking the Priority System" box).
That's what I was thinking, Glyph. Although I am running in 2050, I'm using the SR3 rules and magic seems easier. (I'm going to throw out some pseudo-scientific babble about localized effects to explain my laziness as a GM.)
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jun 1 2012, 07:42 PM) *
Aspected Magician instead of full magician?

Nope, I was thinking of it for a "Face" type character as an added data point for interrogation/negotiation/etiquette rolls.
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