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OK, so per SR4A, p. 247, an autonomous drone's initiative is Pilot + Response. Where is the Response attribute given? It's not in the Gear section, where all the other attributes are given (Handling, Acceleration, Speed, Pilot, etc.)
Drones are Devices. p. 244 SR4A
Devices have an response Attribute p. 221 SR4A
Sample Devices are in the Sample Device Table SR4A p.222

Drones are Device Rating 3, hence response 3
Security Vehicles/drones can have higher ratings and response.
If its a normal drone it gets 3's in all its matrix stats if its a security drone its 4's and a military drone is 5's

You can upgrade a drones matrix stats the same as any commlink. Just remember that it can only be increased by two levels from its start so no basic drones with a R of 6 you would need a security drone at a min to do that.

where does it say only 2 increases?
QUOTE (Psikerlord @ Jun 7 2012, 06:37 AM) *
where does it say only 2 increases?

In the Matrix section of the core book, where it talks about commlinks and nodes.
Note that there is the Modular Electronics vehicle mod from the SR4A Changes document, that allows for upgrades past +2.

Heh, why am I not surprised that some things from that document were lost for later publications.
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