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Full Version: Sensor Packages
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Are there any rules that say what a sensor package (esp. drones, vehicles) consists of?

Does it have a camera or a microphone by default? Or do you have to buy and include these as well using the capacity rating provided by the sensor package?

Doesn't seem like the the sensor packages come with any actual sensors already in them. It just looks like a handy "grouping" that sets the capacity and signal of any sensors installed in the package.
I'm afb but i'm pretty sure the core sensor setup for vehicles is in the arsenal book.
Yep, Arsenal has a listing of what is in a Vehicle sensor. Unfortunately nothing for any of the other sizes...

QUOTE (Arsenal p. 105)
All vehicles (including drones) come readily equipped with a sensor package, whose size depends on the size of the vehicle (see the Sensor Packages table, p. 334, SR4A). Each sensor package has a Capacity that determines the amount of sensors that can fit into the system.
In general, a standard vehicle sensor package (Capacity 12), will contain the following sensors:
• Atmosphere Sensor (taking up 1 Capacity)
• 2 Cameras (front and back, taking up 2 Capacity)
• 2 Laser Range Finders (front and back, taking up 2 Capacity)
• 2 Motion Sensors (front and back, taking up 2 Capacity)
• Radar (taking up 5 Capacity)
These sensors are described on p. 59 and pp. 333–335, SR4A.
Drones feature smaller capacities and so will have fewer sensors; small drones and smaller typically drop the radar in favor of other sensors
Aha, thank you very much! smile.gif

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