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Full Version: Full out corp war, it doesn't really exist does it
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QUOTE (From another thread:)
Corps use military assets to perform quick strikes.

I really got the impression that generally they did NOT get into open warfare. A Special Ops team, especially an outside mercenary shadow team, is a deniable asset. But wouldn't it be harder to deny a tank or plane...unless it was stolen by an aforementioned team?

Do corps actually field real armies? Merchants have historically had governments to front militaries for them (this is no less true in 2004). Now 2060 corps are more independant, but they still seem to rely on civilian governments to create some semblance of order into which they can conduct business.
Kanada Ten
Queen Euphoria has an example of a quick military strike.

YotC has Mitsuhama jets patrolling Japanese air space.

Threats 2 has Ares troops protecting Silicon Valley from Saito forces.

Ares, SK, and Debeers forces are active in Africa.

Desert Wars...
there was also the pan-corporate strike against Aztechnology, detailed in the Azzie SB.
I ment more offensive stance operations, not just guarding or patroling a set zone. Ok, so there was a united attack made on Aztech. I can see that, where it wasn't a single corp putting it's butt on the line (read putting it's profits at very serious risk).

Now about this Queen Euphoria example, could you expound on it a bit more. Spoiler tag it if you like, but i'm looking for about a 1 paragraph background of the why/where/who/how of the strike.
Kanada Ten
The names have been changed to protect my memory.

A very small corporation (Corp A) hired a simsense star (Starlet) to promote their new product (Yummy Jello). Starlet was kidnaped and returned after the promotion dates. Starlet was then hired by Corp A's competitor (Corp B), who was a much larger corporation (and responsible for the first kidnaping). A member of Corp A kidnaped Starlet. Starlet's simsense company (Corp C) finds out where Starlet is being held and decide to do a legitimate strike to "save" her. They contract the runners to perform the strike. They hire a third party transport - who can testify in Corporate Court that they delivered said contractors from Corp C property to Corp A property. They also arrange to record the entire strike on simsense.

In this case the strike involved mercenaries acting as legal agents of Corp C.

Also, DeBeers literally invaded part of Africa to secure the mines.
Open copeorate warfare doesnt happen beacuse no corp(s) are willing to risk the wrath fo the corporate court because open warfare is forbidden.
Kanada Ten
Open warfare is prohibited against (1) other corporations and (2) internationally recognized governments.

The primary role of corporate armies is defense of corporate property, however large that property may be. And of course the obligatory deterrent factor.
Corprate warfare, at least between mega corps is pretty much unherd of. The corprate court up in the Zurich Orbital station enforces the prohibition on open warfare with a pretty big fragging stick.
corporate armies are mainly for smashing rebel scum. they're much better at counter-guerilla/counter-insurgent operations than open-field warfare--but they're damn good at open-field warfare.
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