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Full Version: Questions on using Bind on drones/vehicles
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Bind reduces Agility and is resisted by Strength. Specifically mentions drones and vehicles as valid targets.

According to Arsenal (pg 102), Drones have Strength equal to their Body. Makes sense to extend that rule to vehicles, especially in a case of pushing or pulling something.

But what is their Agility? Did I miss it somewhere in the books? Or is it 0 so the drone or vehicle is immobilized if you overcome the OR? Assuming it has moving parts that can be immobilized of course.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
I may be wrong, but I think Response is the Agility Equivalent for drones/vehicles.
Makes sense when a drone's ranged & full defense are based off of Response. I'd probably go off of Response + Handling myself. Those drones with a bonus to Handling seem like they'd be more nimble than those with a penalty.
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